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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)


The modern age lifestylers (aka swingers) are far different from the ’70s swingers at key parties. If you come to a party, you’re not expected or forced to throw your keys into a fish bowl and participate. We are much more open, welcoming, and most of all, nonjudgemental. We welcome anyone and everyone – from the curious and timid to the wild veterans, as long as you are respectful and obey the rules…

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We all have sex dreams. Sometimes they’re super-weird and we’d rather just forget they happened. Other times, they’re super-hot and are worthy of being saved forever in your secret spank bank. If you’ve ever been confused, excited, or just plain freaked out by a sex dream, you’re not alone;  and there are even experts to figure out what they mean!

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Whether you’re swiping left or right in your dating life it’s hard to neglect the fact that in modern day romance we’re faced with an abundant of options. From real life interactions, apps, dating web services, etc. – there are a variety of interfaces we can utilize to connect with one another. In addition to the evolution of transportation; we can meet dating potentials across cities, states, countries and oceans.


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Though middle school is often crowned the most awkward phase of our social lives as we come to know them, college is arguably a close (if not Lauren B-style Bachelor snatching) second.

As if trying to spread your wings in new environments isn’t enough, navigating the tricky waters of self-discovery in young adulthood gets that much more complicated as sex and dating begin taking the main stage.

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The history of sex has been a hard one to swallow. Wars against pleasure have fueled the fears that too much of a good thing will inevitably take over and destroy us.  In our faith, in our politics, we are divided. Good and evil, right and wrong, we are both scarce and infinite. Somewhere in our history we grew to believe that without rigorous control over ourselves and others, pleasure would inevitably devour us all into the fiery tongues of hell.

Society has swung from extremes – from orgied parties celebrating the decadence of Gods, to corsets wrapped around crumpled ribs, frothing with cloth and shielding us from the dangers of the natural female form.

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