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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)

The celebrities have all the fun…

One A-list celebrity wanted to play this prank at his party with his friends using the well-known erectile dysfunction-solving pill, Viagra.

Daily Mail reports, that the flavor is called “Arousal” and each scoop is laced with roughly 25 milligrams of Viagra, which is half of the recommended dose. Just enough for the crowd to feel the effects. Continue Reading

How would you react if you saw a picture of your 85-year-old mother stuffing dollars down a male strippers briefs?

A Long Island nursing home is being sued by Franklin Youngblood, who was outraged over a photo of his mother will bills that were supposedly locked away. The New York Post reports that a low-rent Chippendale’s-like group was hired by the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon to entertain some elderly residents earlier this year. Continue Reading

I just had a conversation about Mr. Potato Head– AKA my dream man– with my girlfriends while rubbing ourselves in mud in Calistoga. We were reminiscing about the many men we have dated over the years and how we wish we cut and paste them together to make one man… Continue Reading

10 years and still going strong. Who knew I’d spend so many wonderful years with you? Your electrifying love gives me strength in times of weakness, passion in times of extreme boredom, and showers of orgasms in the worst dry spells you could imagine…
Continue Reading

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