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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)

Sex toys and pleasure products still remain a controversial topic. Some people are completely turned off and intimidated by the idea because they think using such technology is unnatural or somehow a criticism on their own skills in the bedroom.

Others are totally in favor of anything sex toy related. So much so, they don’t even see using a Magic Wand during sex as kinky.

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It’s no secret that sex drives and desire ebb and flow throughout our lifetime – sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down.
Other times, we think it’s down, when really, we didn’t realize what drove our desire in the first place. Maybe it was there all along and we didn’t know it.
Sex Coach Pam Costa shares how she realized her desire in her Down to There blog…

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When you think of the phrase “coming out” most people think about sexual orientation, but what if you were coming out about being non-monogamous?
How would you tell your family or friends? How would they react? These types of relationships are still largely misunderstood, so how could you pinpoint your decision? 
Sex Coach Pam Costa shares her coming out experience in her Down to There blog…

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If you have a pulse, Valentine’s Day probably gives you anxiety. Singletons feel lonely and like there’s no hope for love.

Maybe you embrace your singleness and celebrate Galentine’s Day, but deep down feel bitter and sad sitting next to that table where some stupid couple with stupid faces is getting engaged.

Guys with girlfriends feel ridiculous pressure to do things right; jewelry? Flowers? Chocolate? All of it? Many women have ridiculous expectations of perfection, setting themselves up for disappointment because they didn’t get a ring.

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