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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)

When it comes to our favorite movies and TV shows, life is depicted as many things. Perfectly timed one liners, flawlessly made-up faces when falling asleep for the night, and of course rides into the sunset as the finale track fades in to sum up the lessons we just learned in the last 120 minutes.

Rarely in these classifications, however, is accuracy really taken into account—which reigns true most of all when it’s time for the token sequence of steamy on-screen sex.

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I was dreaming of the ocean.

I floated calmly, supported by the salty tide as I drifted through the clear blue water, each wave lifting me gently before placing me back down. I watched the birds overhead and felt completely at peace. I felt some seaweed wrap softly around my wrist, so silky and cool. More tendrils wrapped over my other wrist, and then my ankles, but the water supported my weight effortlessly and I wasn’t concerned.


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The date of October 31st carries heavy significance for many different people. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated in Mexican culture, with prayers and remembrance of loved ones departed. Some people observe Halloween, either in traditional pagan ways, or in more modern Westernized celebrations with costumes and candy. Other folks celebrate Samhain, which is also a time to honor lives lost, as well as the end of the harvest, and growing darkness in the days as winter approaches.

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