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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)

In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I was a kissing model.  There’s a first time for everything right? Read my weekly Bravo blog: “The More The Merrier”  Here’s an excerpt: “Just say yes to everything. It’s the fast track to experiencing life. Maybe you believe your life has stagnated. The fun fairy hasn’t knocked on your door with a compelling itinerary. The good news is that the easiest way to shake things up is to open yourself up to opportunities.  We create our own reality, and we’re all in charge of our own happiness.

In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I went on a first date at a strip club. To be fair, I didn’t know he was taking me there. I blogged on the Bravo Official site about my strange date experience. Read my blog, Stripped. Here’s an excerpt: “I slapped some asses, gave away some dollar bills, finished my diet coke, and was ready to hightail it out of there.”

So, what are you doing tonight? I recommend you watch this new television show Miss Advised  at 10 pm on Bravo TV. Don’t have cable? (I’m speaking to my San Francisco friends here). Go to your neighbor’s house. It’s time you introduced yourself anyway. Point is, find a way that you you can watch every Monday this summer. Because I think you’ll be entertained and laugh (either with me or at me, I’m cool either way). Continue Reading

No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.” W.C Fields

It’s high time men get more creative when revealing the reason they broke-up with someone. Have you noticed? It’s always because, well, “she’s crazy.”

I’m not saying she isn’t, wasn’t, ain’t, but it seems to be the cliché blanket explanation that unifies the majority of breakup tales with women.

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