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That’s What She Said (Or He Said!)

No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.” W.C Fields

It’s high time men get more creative when revealing the reason they broke-up with someone. Have you noticed? It’s always because, well, “she’s crazy.”

I’m not saying she isn’t, wasn’t, ain’t, but it seems to be the cliché blanket explanation that unifies the majority of breakup tales with women.

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We ask friends for advice but do we listen? They say love is blind.  If that’s the case aren’t we blind to advice as well? I’ve spent countless hours with friend’s analyzing relationships.  Often, it’s crystal clear to me she needs to dump him. Sometimes we discuss this same guy for months, weeks, even years. The same issues, but nothing happens. Until something does happen and it’s not usually because of anything I’ve said. Continue Reading

Overheard in the bathroom at Chaya Brasserie in San Francisco:
female voice #1: So, have you heard from Australia boy?
female voice #2: Totally, he like calls me every day. He remembered my birthday and everything, even with the time difference he calls.
#1: Have you heard from trainer boy?
#2: Well he’s so busy, see’s a lot of clients so I don’t hear from him that much. blah blah blah. Continue Reading

I was having day drinks at Nettie’s Crab Shack last weekend when it was about 90 million degrees outside. We decided it was too hot to shop so we stayed hydrated inside.

I looked down and we all had martini’s in one hand, and our cells in the other. We were best of girlfriends, not really needing to talk to anyone else, but it seems these days everyone keeps an eye on their phones just in case something happens. Continue Reading

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