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I started online dating as a joke. Alright I was somewhat serious about it. I spent hours on my profile answering questions just so. I drink, but only socially of course. I’m really good at hula-hooping and the first thing people usually notice about me is the giant gyrating hoop around my waist. Never be too serious and never admit too much.  Message me if you’re looking to join me on the roof for a beer.

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When it comes to supporting the troops, most settle for hoisting a flag, giving a half-sober thumbs up to someone in fatigues on Memorial Day, or watching portions of ‘Patton’ on AMC.
But the patriots at sex toy firm RealTouch have laid siege to bored, everyday expressions of gratitude by promising to bring the cutting edge of virtual sex to the homes of 1,000 military wives.

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It was thrilling to appear on Watch What Happens Live Monday night with my Miss Advised costars Julia Allison and Amy Laurent. After the show I talk about my celebrity crush (um, Bill Clinton) and give viewers advice, including where to meet a real man. I also give Andy Cohen a C-Ring from Jimmyjane. “This isn’t for my finger I’m guessing” said Andy.  Watch two videos from after the show here (or below). Continue Reading

In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I talk to a sex phone operator on the Sex With Emily podcast and then I go to therapy. Check out my weekly Bravo blog: In Treatment. Here’s a little excerpt: I hadn’t recognized how much my past was still on my mind and potentially affecting my behavior, especially when it comes to dating. I guess we never truly escape our past, but there’s important work we all should to do to make peace with it. And it might take you one year or 20 years, but either way, if you’re still holding on to stuff from a long time ago, it’s a good idea to find a therapist. Read the entire blog here.


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In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I kiss my co-host Menace on the air and do acrobatic yoga on a blind date. Check out my weekly Bravo blog: Threesomes Please Apply. Here’s an excerpt: “All seems to be going well until it screeches to a dead halt: Zack tells me that he’s in a happy year-long relationship. He wants to know if I’m cool with that. And oh, do I like women? Tell me this: Do I have a sign on me that says “Threesomes Please Apply”? Seriously, you would tell me, right?” Read the entire blog here.



Every New Ager tattooed with a yin and/or yang knows that balance is the way of the Universe. And while this balance can inspire many a moment of peaceful reflection, in the world of sex toys it means that unfortunately, for every quiet, upstanding and responsible night spent in with a vibrator, there’s always going to be some woman bashing a cop in the face with a dildo. So as sex toys continue their march towards omnipresence, the recent large, phallic spike in sex toy crimes should come as no surprise.

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In last night’s episode of Miss Advised, I visited my family in Michigan and went on a date with my crush from fifth grade. Read my blog on Bravo Official Site: Great Lake State. Here’s an excerpt: “It was odd to have a date in Michigan, which I’m certain hasn’t happened since college. Not to mention a date with someone I had a crush on in the 5th grade. I dug up the old class photo only to find my 10-year-old hands had scrawled “babe” across David’s photo.” Continue Reading

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