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Change Up Your Sex Location

Sex can get stale in long-term relationships, so switch up the way you have sex, as well as WHERE you’re having it. Hey, any furniture can be sex furniture.

Emily Subscription Box

Getting the perfect gift isn’t always easy. That’s why Emily’s curated her own subscription box from Unbound to do the work for you! And it helps out in the bedroom, too.

Making a Sexy Meal at Home

Instead of going out to an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant, make a sexy picnic at home. When things get hot and heavy, the bedroom will only be a few steps away.

Having Slow, Sensual Sex

Instead of rushing through sex, challenge yourself to slow down, look into each other’s eyes, and breathe deep – it’s reallllyyy hot.

This will get your ASMR trigger and senses going into overdrive. There are sounds, but also so many different textures, ways to touch and caress, and creative options for playing with sensations and sense

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