5 Sexy Ways to Spice Up Valentine’s Day (That Don’t Cost a Thing)

Let’s play a little Valentine’s Day fantasy game, shall we? Don’t worry; this will be super easy and fun.

Here’s how to play: Relax your body… take a deep, deep inhale… let it all out with a sigh. Take a few more breaths until you feel yourself getting languid and relaxed. Now start to imagine your ultimate Valentine’s Day date.

Let’s fast-forward through the dinner and champagne, eating too much candy or hiding your disappointment that someone forgot you don’t actually like red roses. Instead, focus on all the ways your lover makes you feel. Picture your bodies entwined, kissing, maybe playing a little rough before lightly brushing your fingertips over their body. Now hold on to this thought—no, hold on to this feeling—because this is how you plan the ultimate Valentine’s Day.

When you get right down to it, Valentine’s Day is so much more than words in a Hallmark card—it’s about that warm tingly feeling you get for a special someone. And while a sparkling trinket, ample bouquet, or a box of Godiva can inspire some good feelings, they pale in comparison to the sensations of love, passion… Oh, and super hot sex, of course.

Every year, people collectively spend about $20 Billion on Valentine’s Day. They go all out on fancy gifts and pricey dinners, and end up resenting the holiday—or, more specifically, the dent it left in their bank account. This year we’re challenging you to celebrate love in a way that doesn’t break the bank. In fact, it won’t cost a thing.

Instead of focusing on presents, dinner, or expensive event tickets, we’re focusing on all the feels. Inspired by the five senses, we have a titillating list to help you and your lover have a very passionate holiday.


When we think of V-Day aromas, flowers are the first to come to mind—but did you know that the cost of red roses could nearly double the day of? Skip the supply and demand racket, and take in a big ole’ whiff of your partner instead. I know, bear with me…

Making a point to notice what your lover smells like will likely result in a nearly euphoric, all-over body feeling. The reason? You’re inhaling their unique pheromones. Pheromones are sort of like a person’s scent fingerprint, meaning everyone has their own. Plus, they act as a subtle chemical concoction that can trigger your body to respond in all sorts of cool ways. From gently calming your nerves to revving up your sexual desire, your lover’s pheromones can be very potent. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving…


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that touch can be a huge make-it or break-it factor in a steamy night of affection. And since our skin provides so much opportunity to bring titillating thrills to one another, it’s a great place to start in your V-Day sex-capades. 

Full of countless nerve endings and biological receptors, the human body can be considered a pleasure-packed playground of endless potential. Giving each other a sensual massage is always a timeless classic, but don’t think that’s a job for your hands alone. Adding a few warm drops of soft Pjur massage lotion can turn your partner’s body into butter and make each knead and squeeze feel more arousing. Then, if you really want to hit two birds with one sexy stone, you can bust out everyone’s favorite Magic Wand to put those powerful vibrations to work on your partner’s back, shoulders and butt. After the heat has officially been cranked, you can easily detour the wand to each of your even hotter spots while playing around with some CBD-based arousal lube to further heighten the euphoric sensation of every stroke.


You know that look on someone’s face when they just want ravage you? There’s really no better feeling. Having their eyes roam every part of your body, filled with lust as they take you in… Well, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

Hunger is a primal need, as is sex, so it makes sense that the two would inspire equal feelings of desire and passion. To entice and excite this sexual hunger in your partner, give the gift of taste by turning yourself into the main course. If you’re feeling adventurous (or ambitious), you can adorn yourself in sushi, create the perfect full-body dessert spread, line yourself with McDonald’s dipping sauces and chicken nuggets—the possibilities are endless! Much easier to execute and clean up after the fact, our best friend lube never fails to let us down. Of course, we’ve all heard of the flavored varieties; however, WOO More Play’s coconut oil-based formula tastes a lot more…natural. Plus, there are only four key ingredients! Coconut, vanilla, stevia—what’s seriously not to love? It’ll have you and your partner both wanting to lick, suck and enjoy down there more often.


Whether you’re more of a voyeur, an exhibitionist, or you have no idea what those words mean, one thing’s for sure—you know what it’s like to feel hot and bothered at the mere sight of your partner’s body. So to elevate this already amazing gift of watching and/or being watched (but not touched; not just yet), take Valentine’s night as your opportunity to put on a performance.

Lingerie, sexy costumes and ambient lighting are always good tactics to help set a seductive mood; but if looking to take the art of the tease to whole new heights, we’d suggest bringing out a new toy. After all, there’s nothing like watching your lover get themselves off. Showing your partner how you like it done using a toy can be the perfect V-Day sight to get their motor running.

The good news when it comes to toys is that there’s one for everyone! If you’re new to the pleasure party, an affordable, yet high quality plusOne vibe could be the perfect option. If you’re in the market for something soft and luxurious, check out the Jopen line by Calexotics. And for the super experienced users out there, anything by We-Vibe will always be a solid investment. Not to mention, a way your partner can sit back and enjoy the show while still joining in on the fun thanks to their unique WeConnect app.


It’s just like Missy Elliot says, “Music makes you lose control”. And Valentine’s Day is by far the best day to turn up the volume on your sexy self. You could hit the dance floor (aka your living room coffee table) and do some literal dancing. Or better yet, you could move to the music in the throes of passion.

Make a sexy playlist that sets the tone of a night filled with passion—one that will hopefully harmonize well with a symphony of orgasms. Cultivate the vibe with songs from The XX, Rhye, or maybe even some Marvin Gaye; you know which tracks will turn you on, help you relax and make you feel confident and totally sensuous. Feel the music in your body and use it to set the rhythm of your every kiss and caress. Maybe even challenge yourself to make your lovin’ last for the whole playlist… After all, tonight could be the perfect night to break out the Promescent and keep the passion going all night long!  Or, if you’re looking for a more long term solution, give GAINSWave a try. The shockwave-based therapy uses sound waves to restore erectile quality and performance, and brings way more pleasure into the bedroom. 

The best things in life are free, but it’s easy to forget that truism. It’s no wonder a day like Valentine’s Day can quickly move from sweet to excessive, when we’re so dazzled with the promise of shiny presents and Instagram-worthy locales. The truth is, this day is so much greater than its $20 billion dollar price tag; a day to celebrate love. What better way to do that than by focusing on the gifts we’ve got, and what we already have to give? So take it slow, and take it all in: touch, taste, listen, smell and look at your partner. Really experience them. Then tell me all of that isn’t worth celebrating.

Have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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