Crazy Sex Positions

crazy sex positionsIf you’re feeling adventurous this evening, get naked but leave on your helmet and elbow pads (and not just because it’s sexy).

You or your partner might go for a tumble in these crazy sex positions. Have a first aid kit near in case one of you has to play doctor.

You’re not the young, nimble thing you used to be! Proceed with caution as you attempt the Fire Hydrant. 

Crazy Sex Positions: The Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants bring to mind flames rising, liquid explosions, and emergency situations. Oh and dogs peeing. So I guess the Fire Hydrant is a fitting name for this sex position? 

Every week Masque: Sexual Flavors gives away Masque strips to the best name for a crazy sex position. So even if you’re too incompetent to do the position yourself, you can still win oral sex goodies from Masque!

Remember, trust is the most important thing in a relationship, and in getting into completely crazy sex positions.

The great thing about this position is you’ll be too concerned with your survival to worry about your thighs jiggling or your scary O Face.

But if you’re not an acrobat, here’s a similar position that involves sitting on a couch (thank god, something I’m good at).

Alternative Wheelbarrow Position

To get into this position, she should start in reverse cowgirl (woman on top facing away from the man).

He should slowly lean forward so her hands rest on the floor.

The guy gets to sit there and thrust, while getting a glorious view of her butt.

So basically she’s working her ass off while he just sits there like a couch potato. If she doesn’t orgasm while she’s on her hands and knees, you better give her oral sex for the next hour! 

For some less crazy sex positions (you know, sex positions you can actually do), check out The Best Sex Positions.


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