The Cuddling Kama Sutra

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cuddling blog sex with emilyIt’s always nice to spice up your sex life by trying new things. Missionary can only make you cum so far. Which is the reason why since the beginning of procreation, humanity has been finding ways to change up positions, as evidenced as early as 400BC in the Kama Sutra.

However, although we have found ways to reconfigure our sexual pleasures, it’s also good to find different ways to cuddle. Physical touch is one of the most widely understood love languages. Sometimes your arm can only be used as a headrest for so long. Here are some different ways to snuggle up with your partner.



Let’s get the simple stuff out of the way, and what I’m sure you’ve already experienced. 



This position is achieved by nestling into your partner from the front or the behind, either placing your arm underneath the crook of your partner’s neck, or tucked under your own head. 

TIP: If you are the big spoon, place your arm underneath your pillow so the weight of their head doesn’t put your arm to sleep. 


Front to Front:

This one is where you’re both facing each other. It’s nice to find a little nook to nuzzle your head into. Face to face, although there’s less physical body contact, can feel more connected because both heart centers are open to the partner.

TIP: be slightly higher or lower than your partner so you’re not breathing directly into each other’s mouths. 


Butt to Butt:

Sometimes you just need a good night’s sleep, but want contact. Press your body against your partner back to back. And don’t forget that every single part of your body is part of the cuddle.

TIP: Reach your hand back and place it on your partner’s hip. Get your foot in between your partner’s calves. Contact releases endorphins no matter what part of your body is touching. 


Baby Lemur:

If a partner is a back-sleeper, this one is ideal. With one partner on their back, the other can curl into the side of the partner. The partner on the back can feel free to keep their arm down and not under their partner to ensure a deeper sleep. The partner being the ‘baby lemur’ can drape a leg over their partner as well within the thighs of their partner. 

NOTE: This can cause arousal from both partners, but what’s a little cuddle without some wood? 



Here on out, these may not be ‘through the night’ positions, but are fun ways to be intimate with your partner without the pressure to engage in sexual activity. 


The Recliner:

With one person propped up in bed, or on the floor/couch, the other person nesting dolls between their partner’s legs. This is ideal when one person is binge watching a show and the other is uninterested, or one partner is more tired than the other.


Office Romance:

This is an iteration of The Recliner – while one person is in a chair (make sure the chair can support both of your weight) the other person can sit on the person’s lap, facing them, resting their head on their partner’s shoulder or nuzzling their neck.

This keeps the person sitting forward in the chair free to use their hands and continue to work on the computer, while the other partner comfortably lounges. 


Breast Friends:

For big busted figures, let your partner nestle themselves between the low hanging fruits. Who doesn’t love a nice healthy face full of boobs?



Another release of endorphins and serotonin during cuddling is the physical act of pressure, or in layman’s terms, a strong hug. Adding some weight and pressure to a cuddling session actually lowers rates of anxiety and depression in participants. 


Scissor Hold:

While in bed, in a spoon or face to face, intertwine both legs with your partner. Enough so that if you feel you moved your leg, your partner would move with you. With full body contact, wrap one arm over your partner’s shoulder, and the other under on the reverse side, interlocking your hands (or grabbing your forearms) and squeezing until you are flush with your partner. Contract your legs as well so your partner gets a stretch in their lower body also. After a moment, release, and you will feel your partner relax into you. 


The Seatbelt:

This is a variation on the scissor hold. Intertwine your legs with your partner, and have one hand underneath your partner’s neck. Rest the other one at waistband height, with the top of your hand resting on the mons pubis. It’s the perfect place where sensuality meets security. Knowing that your partner will go no further, actually builds an emotional and physical trust with this move. 




As always, with any of these, know that consent comes first. If you simply want to cuddle, know where your boundaries are, and don’t be scared to leave it at just that. 



Lumi Park is a writer, foodie, and Capricorn, from the cornfields of Ohio. He once won a NYC bartending award, a Brooklyn-wide comic book Trivia Bowl, and went to nationals two years in a year for the sport of jump roping. He is oddly not competitive. 

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