Are You Doing Kegels Wrong?

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We all know Kegel workouts are the golden path to longer, stronger orgasms, but just like any exercise, if it’s not done correctly, what’s the point?!

Whether it’s cutting corners or improper technique, there’s a surprisingly large room for error when exercising the PC muscles.

Since keeping a strong pelvic floor is an important part of intimate health and enjoyment at every stage of life, I think it’s safe to say we all want to reap as much of the biological benefits as possible.

In navigating your own routine, beware these most common mistakes when it comes to the great wide world of Kegels. 

wherefore art thou kegel muscles? 

The first step to any effective exercise is identifying what muscles you’re physically targeting. When it comes to those of the pelvic floor…they can be a bit trickier to find than other muscles.

A good litmus test is to try to stop peeing mid-stream. The same muscles creating that squeeze are the same ones you want to focus on during Kegels. Good work, now you’ve found them. 

Even though the stream test is good for identifying the muscles, avoid halting your bladder on a regular basis. Doing so during routine Kegel workouts, especially, can lead to some not so hot issues.

Squeeze The Right Group

An additional hands-on way to tell if you’re tightening in all the right places is actually sticking a finger in your vagina and squeezing to see how it feels. If it tightens and lifts around it: success! You’re on the right track when the squeeze feels even all the way around your finger.

If it doesn’t, use trial and error to explore and figure out what you need to do differently. If one side of your pelvic floor is strong and the other is weaker, doing kegels the same way you have been will only increase that difference. We are looking for strong, even muscles. 

It’s common for people to mistakenly tense the abdomen, anus, buttocks or thighs as part of the Kegel routine, so keep in mind it’s the pelvic floor you want to isolate.

Correct Contractions

Proper form is everything whenever working out as well, so making sure to contract your PC muscles inwards and upwards, rather than mindlessly straining them is a key part of the strengthening process.

You also always want to have variety in your contractions as far as in holding for longer, incremental amounts of time before releasing, in addition to shorter bursts of clenching and unclenching. Using the Sex With Emily Kegel Camp app can really help you get the perfect clench happening… 

Routine Kegels

One of the other biggest traps people tend to fall into is thinking that by doing their Kegels once or twice in general, a difference will be magically seen overnight.

In reality, it can take weeks before you start to see significant results, but consistency is absolutely key. So dedicate a specific time of the day to do your Kegels, which can make it easier to keep up with the practice and turn it into a habit over time.

Plus, with exercises like kegels, you can do them almost anywhere at any time! So finding ways to work them into your daily schedule should be totally manageable. Try kegeling at every red light you stop at to make traffic a lot more fun. 

Tricks & Tools

The good news for us 21st-century dwellers is that it’s no longer a one-person fight to get our Kegel game going strong. Between devices and apps, anyone can be on their way to better pelvic floor health in no time!

Specifically designed for Kegels with a kick, the Intensity by In Control is an all-in-one device that can actually do the workouts for you. Using gentle waves of electro-stimulation, the device hits all the right places in such a way that the only thing you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the pleasure-packed results. If that wasn’t enough, it’s equipped with a signature rabbit vibe to deliver internal and external stimulation throughout the process.

If looking for something a little more hands-off, you can also opt for apps like Emily’s Kegel Camp. It serves as a personal trainer right in the comfort of your own pocket. It guides you through various routines and also reminds you to do them each day. Featuring easy-to-follow guides through 20 different workouts, it’s a great tool filled with benefit for men and women alike. For a mega Kegel boost, try the BTL Emsella, it’s also known as the Kegel throne, so you know it’s good! 


So with the help of a little mindfulness on top of practicing the art of the squeeze itself, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of Kegel workouts and get on the right track to extra pleasure thanks to a toned pelvic floor.



Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She also finally has an all black kitty named “Cher.” You can follow her website and on Instagram!
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