Emily kisses Menace: Tonight on Miss Advised, 10pm Bravo TV

You can’t tell someone how to be a good kisser, you have to show them. So Menaces says, “show me.”

Watch the video of us kissing on the upcoming episode of Miss AdvisedSome background: Menace and I have worked together for a long time and we’ve never gone there. It’s true that many  of our longtime listeners have suggested that Menace and I ‘get together.’ Maybe it’s because we fight like an old married couple but adore and support each other in a loving way.

We would laugh it off. But I can’t say no, as you know. So next thing I know I’m ripping off my headphones and going over and plant one on Menace. Of course he felt uncomfortable (and probably turned on) so he had to bash my kissing skills.  Oh Menace, doesn’t know a good thing when it happens to him.

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