Your Erogenous Pleasure Roadmap

With summer soon a thing of the past and all things pumpkin spice on the horizon, we say goodbye to warm weather staples like barbecues, pool hangs and exploring the open road. Even though this year’s sunny season has come to a close, the good news is not all road trips have to be kissed goodbye!

For September, we’re going “back to basics,” covering all there is to know and (more importantly) not ignore when it comes to the fundamentals of sex. This time around, we’re charting the course of pleasure roads sometimes less traveled with the ever-elusive “erogenous zone.”

Pinpointed pockets of pleasure-packed potential just waiting to be unleashed, erogenous zones should not be overlooked. Best defined as highly sensitive places throughout the body, these areas when stimulated produce sexual arousal, orgasm and everything in between!

While Monica may have lead Chandler to believe there are only seven key zones, the “official” number is always disputed. Often times the spots are based on gatherings of nerve endings, so science can pretty reasonably conclude which ones are biologically common.

But let’s be real—vaginas are as similar as snowflakes and no penis is created equal, so arousal is still unique to each person.  Since some spots are more apparent than others, a “road map” always comes in handy. So here’s a lowdown of all the stops to consider when taking your next trip to the bedroom:


The Obvious:


Like a Disneyland fast pass to the big “O” attraction, the clitoris is one of few topping the list of guaranteed erogenous zones. It solely exists to bring us pleasure and contains just as many nerves as what we felt on the first day of middle school (in other words, 8,000 of them).


Similar to the clitoris, the penis is the obvious go-to for male arousal. Sensitivity levels vary throughout its many parts, and although it only has half the nerve endings as its female counterpart, the head contains the most. It may be one of the most straightforward zones, but at the end of the day you can’t go wrong with “the classics.”


See also: duh! We know it all starts with the kiss, hence travesty when it unintentionally goes out the window in some long-term relationships. With so many places kissing can lead, it makes perfect sense that we use this erogenous zone to activate countless others.


Certainly not just for show, nipples respond to touch (plus vibration) just as much as any other sexual organ.  They’re usually more sensitive to women than men, but some out there definitely dig it. And if it really gets your motor running, there’s always a chance of unlocking the also surprisingly intense nipplegasm. Using nipple clamps, like Sportsheets various styles, can help get the blood pumping to your nipples to increase the amount of pleasure you’re feeling (and you’ll look extremely sexy).


Between caressing, spanking and anal play itself, the possibilities are endless when it comes to power of the butt. It’s one of the most intimate areas to explore with one another, so keying into how your partner responds to various touches are essential. When handled with care, it can unlock entirely new realms of sensual bliss.


The Not Always So Obvious:


The bridge of skin between the anus and scrotum, the perineum is a little hidden gem of male arousal. Whether it’s softly stroking or applying more pressure, there are countless ways to release its intensifying power in the middle of your intimate scenario. Plus, it indirectly stimulates the prostate, otherwise known as the male g-spot. Trust me fellas, it’s a spot you want to get to know. 

Nape of the Neck

While vampires have always been in the know on this one, playing with the nape of the neck will often times rock even your mortal partner’s world. All the more to note, tending to this spot simultaneously with other zones can really pack a uniquely sexy punch. With light kisses, nibbling, or a long warm breath, you’ll be causing some serious arousal.


Breathe, whisper, gently kiss, *melt*the ear is one of the most underrated zones by far. During your next make-out sesh, try detouring from the lips over to your partner’s ear and see what happens. Survey says it’ll probably be good.


No undressing required, the scalp is yet another area that can drive your partner wild in the best of ways. Begin with a light scalp massage, gently run your fingers through their hair, and maybe give a little tug at the root. Who knows, you might find you’re into that sort of thing.

The Mind

Responsible for connecting visual, physical and imagined touch, the brain is truly one of the most sexually sensitive parts of the body. It not only processes the response when all other erogenous zones are tapped, but factors in every element of foreplay as well. Passionate kisses, romantic dinners, lit candles, even watching porn or relentlessly fantasizing—the end result of ultimate pleasure is all thanks to the magical mind.


So as often the case with many epic driving adventures, there’s much “road work ahead” before reaching intimacy’s main event. Providing endless food for erotic thought and increasing closeness with your partner, erogenous zones can help us all explore to the ends of our most satisfied earths. Buckle up!


Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She will also one day have a Norwegian Forest Cat named “Cher”. You can follow her website ( and on Instagram (@AJAndMore)!

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