Erotic Tales of a Womanizer

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I was dreaming of the ocean.

I floated calmly, supported by the salty tide as I drifted through the clear blue water, each wave lifting me gently before placing me back down. I watched the birds overhead and felt completely at peace. I felt some seaweed wrap softly around my wrist, so silky and cool. More tendrils wrapped over my other wrist, and then my ankles, but the water supported my weight effortlessly and I wasn’t concerned.


I’ve always felt safe in the ocean.

More seaweed drifted over my eyes. Wait, over my eyes? I awoke with a start, my eyes snapping open. It was completely dark. I panicked and tried to sit up, but fell right back against the bed. My ankles and wrists were bound, and I was blindfolded.


Taking a deep slow breath, I allowed my dream state to catch up with my conscious self. That breath carried the spicy musk scent of my lover’s cologne to my nose, and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I had completely forgotten I was sleeping at his house this weekend. I had also forgotten I had consented to being awoken for sex by him, at his discretion. I heard him chuckle softly, “Have you awakened, my sleeping beauty?” His gravelly voice reached and reassured me from across the room, though I couldn’t quite place from the sound where he was standing.

“Yes Sir” I responded, hearing my own voice was still husky from sleep.

I squirmed against the soft sheets to try and ascertain what I was wearing, other than these silky restraints and the blindfold. I could feel I had lacy panties on and a soft cotton t-shirt. At least he had left me with a modicum of my modesty.

My mind clicked on and my mouth opened with the onslaught of my thoughts; What exactly did you have in mind Sir? Also, what is the time? Can you check the schedule for me please? Do I have work today? Also, do you know how long… 

My barrage of questions was immediately muffled by a piece of bondage tape being wrapped over my mouth and around my head. I couldn’t decide if I regretted the purchase or not. It was simply too easy for him to restrain or silence me with it. Feeling the growing warmth below my belly button I figured I wasn’t too mad at the tiny investment in our burgeoning exploration of a Dominance and submission dynamic between us.



I tried to close my legs together to obscure his view of what I was positive was a dampening spot on my panties, but alas, the restraints were too tight. Spread eagled on the bed, completely blindfolded, I could only imagine what a delicious and wanton sight I must be. I sighed heavily, feeling unexpectedly frustrated at my predicament. I didn’t really enjoy morning sex. I wanted to brush my teeth, shower, prepare myself physically and emotionally. He kissed the tape over my mouth and leaned in so close that I could feel his hot breath on my ear, growling “you’re beyond gorgeous and I’m going to devour every inch of you, so get comfortable.”

I couldn’t resist smiling and felt a blush creep up my cheeks.



Just as I was wrapping my head around the whole thing, I heard it. The sound. You know the sound. It’s the gentle sirens call of your favorite sex toy. I could pick that sound out of a crowd of shouting fans at a football match, I know it that well. The Womanizer.

I shivered involuntarily in anticipation. Which of the six intensity levels would he use on me? I wondered if he would ease me in with a super gentle setting or if he would turn it up to the strongest intensity and energize my clitoris with no warning or warm up. I felt the wetness increasing as I waited to feel the soft stimulation head encircle my clit, but I was kept waiting. I shimmied my hips a little to give him the signal I was ready, and heard him walk around the bed. I felt the weight of his body sink the mattress a little as he sat by my legs.

The Womanizer is so quiet, but my finely tuned ear could hear him turning the intensity up, I was so excited to finally feel it touching me. The soft tip traced up my inner thighs, gently sucking and massaging my skin as he alighted the Womanizer along its path towards my waiting flower. He trailed it along my legs slowly, growing closer to the ever increasing wet spot I was making.



Right before it hit my mound, I hissed in frustration as I heard him turn it off. He chuckled and suddenly I felt cool metal brushing along my thigh, bringing up goosebumps on my skin. I froze, realizing it was a knife. “Well, these panties are certainly very pretty, but I hardly think you’ll enjoy your favorite toy very much over all this fabric,” he drawled cruelly. I swear I could hear the smirk on his face. I tried to respond, but my words were muffled by the tape. He yanked it unceremoniously from my mouth.

“No Sir, I wouldn’t like that very much” I muttered lamely, for once in my life struggling to find words. The dull side of the cold steel pressed against my skin as I heard it slicing cleanly through my panties. The release of pressure paired with the air hitting my freshly exposed vulva had me squirming in delight and urgent need.

Turning on the Womanizer once more, he began bouncing it up my legs again.

Each time he paused and pressed it in, the soft flesh of my inner thigh was pulled into its little vacuum of tantalizing air pressure. I tried to form words, but my brain was locked into how it would feel when it finally touched my clitoris. I took a deep breath, trying to ground myself. “Please Sir, I want it,” I practically moaned the words. I heard him softly growl in approval, and planted the Womanizer’s tip squarely over my clit, encasing it in a pleasure filled cocoon of bliss.

Even on the softest setting, my body immediately started shaking, the anticipation was just too much, and being restrained had increased the intensity so much that and I couldn’t hold on any longer. After only a few moments of having it pressed against my clit I heard myself breathlessly gasp, almost as if it were an out of body experience, “please may I orgasm Sir? Please? Please?!”

“You may darling, but we are only just getting started….” he purred in my ear.

To be continued…


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