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tip blog sex with emilyIn the womb, the penis grows from a clitoris-like organ into the fully functioning love sponge (contrary to popular belief, the penis is not a muscle) that is expressed from the XY chromosome. We know all about the tip of this iceberg, but let’s dig deeper into what other parts of the member also need some attention.

There’s more to the penis than we give it credit for. 



Tip Top Shape

This article is about beyond the tip, but I would be remiss not to mention the head of the penis. The circumcised penis is home to over 4,000 nerve endings (half that of the clitoris) the head of the penis is the piece de resistance of the XY sex organ. Most explore the head of the penis, but don’t be afraid to search the opening of the head of the penis, as well as the underside. Most people with a penis have a certain ritual in achieving a climax, and one job of the partner or partners is to show an alternative route to pleasure town. 


Ring around the Rosie

For both circumcised and uncircumcised penises, the area right below the head of the penis is chock full of nerve endings. Whether they are the post-circumcision vestigial pleasure points, or the full blown uncircumcised stimulation centers, slowly tracing your tongue around this part of the phallus is sure to curl toes.

These nerve endings are not only underneath the penis, but around the entirety of the top of the shaft. Exploring every inch of the circumference can unlock new sensations for your partner.


Fireman’s pole

Although there aren’t as many nerve endings within the shaft of a penis, there’s nothing like a firm (not clenched) hand (or two) massaging the shaft of the penis. If the person is uncircumcised, this will massage the foreskin over the head of the penis (bravo). If the person is circumcised, lubrication will help aid in sliding down the pole. PRO TIP: Continuing to massage the shaft during ejaculation helps mimic the inside of an orifice, and will heighten the sexual release for the partner. 


Standardized Testes

Traveling south from the shaft are the testes. The testes can seem intimidating because they can cum in all different shapes and sizes. Low hanging, close to the body, a large shaft with hummingbird egg-sized testicles, a smaller penis with monstrous fruit.

You never know until you get down there. The key to the testes is communication. Some people love getting their testicles swirled with the tip of the tongue, or an entire ball worked within the mouth. Others however, have either sensitive testicles, or their vas deferens (the tubing connecting the testicles to the seminal vesicles) can be sensitive when pulled. 


Down Under

Now we have journeyed to the space underneath the balls, the perineum. Heteronormative couples may have less experience with this area, but it truly is a major hub for pleasure. The slow drag of a tongue around this area may elicit precum from your partner, or a surprising outcome. It is the perfect space at first for the rush of the forbidden, but soon will become a must stop shop.


Multitasking is Key

The penis is a complex set of responses, cause and effects, and experiences all wrapped into package that comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The best way to enjoy the entirety of the penis is to enjoy more than one aspect at a time. While rhythmically pleasuring the head of the penis, massage the testes.

When you’re writing their name with your tongue on their perineum, don’t forget to slowly but confidently piston your fist on the shaft. Once you’ve mastered the exterior of the penis, it might be time to explore the XY sex organ from the inside.


Prostate Pleasure

The prostate creates the fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm when ejaculating. By massaging the prostate via digital or sexual stimulation, it often creates a more powerful climax, resulting in not only a more powerful chemical response, but also physical (fluid) response. Just make sure you’re communicating with your partner, are hygienic, and using lubrication throughout. 




Lumi Park is a writer, foodie, and Capricorn, from the cornfields of Ohio. He once won a NYC bartending award, a Brooklyn-wide comic book Trivia Bowl, and went to nationals two years in a year for the sport of jump roping. He is oddly not competitive. 




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