Favorite Line & Lesson from Miss Advised – winners of Hot Sex Contest

In my final Bravo blog, Just Say Yes I promised five copies of my book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight to fans who emailed me their favorite line or lesson from Miss Advised. Here are some personal favorites. They will receive Hot Sex tonight, or at least in the imminent future…





Last night on the show you said “chemistry steamrolled over common sense”.  I LOVE that saying and  agree- often times when you are in the now, in the moment, and have such a strong chemical connection with a person, it  supersedes common sense and what’s “right”.


“Ever since I started watching, I have opened up to dating and losing the fear of meeting new men. I’m walking away from fear and walking into enjoying my life meeting and dating. It definitely woke something in me that was dormant and it feels awesome. I’ve been playing it very safe but the safety net has been removed and I’m ready to free fall in love, like or lust….”

Really loved Kevin and the PJ cupcake pants!  What a sweet guy and it showed that he was really listening to Amy!

Emily, I loved your response to David’s rudeness in Napa Valley, that guy has not grown up and he was acting like teenager. It is clear that he is very insecure because he needs to act like what he thinks is a “cool guy”—good riddance!  You will find a MAN who is beyond such immaturity!  Thanks for a great show!”

“Watching you on Missed Advised has made me think about my life
and I’m currently working on releasing my fears and started dating
thanks to you.”
I think the biggest thing I took away from watching Miss Advised was how your experience with David really reignited your excitement to fall in love – even though it didn’t work out with him. I feel so often we hold ourselves back from future opportunities by dwelling on things that didn’t work out as we may have initially wanted them to or had hoped. You and David had this exciting new thing going on and you were into him but it didn’t end up working out. You said to your friend how you truly feel like you dodged a bullet – and you did look very relieved…yet at the same time you genuinely seem excited for the future and for falling in love. This was such a great message because many times it’s so hard to pull the good away from relationships and apply them to future ones. It is so much easier to wallow and spin in your own self-pity.
My FAVORITE line from you in the show has to be from this final blog “Rinse, don’t repeat!”  It’s my new motto.  I absolutely loved you on the show, and I agree with your take on having many “ones.”
I learned from watching YOU that the key is learning, not teaching.  You can’t teach if you don’t learn.  You always seem to be learning — rather than trying to teach men how to behave.  You were so clear about David being a douche when he was being a douche. “
Thanks everyone for your support of Miss Advised. Hope you enjoy Hot Sex!


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