Fetish Spotlight: Sexy Cosplay 

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cosplay blog sex with emilyCosplay (short for “costume play”) isn’t my usual jam, but I recently attended the comic festival Dragoncon in Atlanta. And it was so fun! I dressed up, had a great time, and met really nice, fun, creative people.

Dressing in a costume and seeing other adults in fictional character costumes was a treat. I loved it because I am a big proponent of play in general and of bringing more play in the bedroom.



Cosplay Vs. Role Play

“[T]he difference between roleplay and cosplay is that role play is the practice of role playing, while cosplay is…the art or practice of costuming oneself as a (usually fictional) character.” That being said, with regards to the fetish of cosplay, it bears noting that cosplay itself is not defined as anything sexual.

Cosplay as a fetish is the practice of costuming oneself for the purposes of sexual play and gratification. The intent of sexual satisfaction is what makes the difference. 


When Cosplay Is a fetish

An example of cosplay as a fetish would be a person who gets off by dressing up as an animal (such as an anime dog character, Akamaru) and acting as one. This scenario combines both role play and cosplay to complete the experience. But remember, not all cosplay involves role play. Someone might simply get off by wearing the costume itself without actually acting out the role. Typically, however, cosplay involves taking on the role of a specific fictional character from comics, film, tv, or video games. 

It is a fine line between cosplay in general and a fetish. It depends on the mind of the cosplayer. If they just occasionally dress up to go out with friends, that might not be considered a fetish. However, if they dress up like a character to satisfy sexual needs, then it becomes a fetish.


Benefits of sexy cosplay 

Cosplay offers a chance to use your imagination. The fetish affords participants a chance to scratch their sexual role play itch to the max.

For one thing, “cosplay has a lot to offer those who are interested in experimenting with their sexual identity”.  This includes taking on an age, race or gender other than their own. Maybe you are usually shy in the bedroom, but you feel like you identify with the powerful and regal Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. Cosplay offers a chance to really express your fandom of characters who you might like to emulate.


Character is key 

There are so many different fictional characters to choose from in the world. There are literally limitless possibilities for cosplay outfits and sexual scenarios to enact. Think about characters from TV and film that have turned you on! Heroines and villains are a great way to use teasing, chasing “cat and mouse” games and/or bondage. 

You can create scenarios based off of your characters, and the best part is that you already have a storyline to work with based on that character’s story.


Getting Started

Before you show up to bed in a Superman costume, make sure you talk to your partner about their interest level. Masks, leather, latex, and other “costumey” can be a good first step into the world of cosplay. Later you can build those favorite accessories and items together in a favorite character.

If you are interested in bringing cosplay into the bedroom, you might want to try going to Comic-Con. You watch the different cosplayers and see if you are drawn to any of it. Check out different Pinterest boards for costume ideas. You may also want to consider combining cosplay with date night and use this subscription box to keep the sexy times flowing. If one partner wants to participate but doesn’t want to dress up (either because it isn’t their fetish or because the scenario requires the other party to not be costumed), you can offer some lovely lingerie instead of a costume.

Becoming a cosplayer “in the sack” can be pricey. Costumes don’t come cheap. Although you can buy your costume, you can also make it yourself. You should make sure you consider safety concerns, such as constriction of body parts, weapons, dangerous accessories like flammable 

Take safety precautions depending on the level of risk inherent in the play scenario (ie, don’t leave someone tied up without supervision, or use sharp metal accessories, etc). And, depending on the intensity of the role play, you should consider agreeing on a safe word ahead of time in case someone gets too wrapped up in their role. (A safe word like “red” is one in which stops play.)


Who knows…maybe it’s time to dress to thrill and let your inner comic geek come out to play!



Emily Anne is a bestselling author, sex coach and educator, who specializes in helping people expand their sexual horizons through BDSM and kink. When she’s not obsessively talking about sex, she’s hiking through the Hollywood Hills. Get some sexy education on her Instagram feed
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