Finding the Missing (G-Spot) Link feat. Sportsheets

Another hard day at work for the Sex With Emily team… Emily and Producer Madison demonstrate Sportsheets’ amazing G-Spot Link, with a little guidance from CEO and founder Tom Stewart.

The G-spot link is a set of velcro cuffs with a connecting adjustable strap that takes the Missionary position to a whole new level. Ever found yourself struggling to keep your legs in the perfect pose? Does the stress of holding yourself (or your partner) up take you out of the moment, making it harder  for you to reach climax? The G-spot link allows the user to keep their legs suspended without strain, all the while maximizing G-spot stimulation. It also provides your partner with a convenient grip, opening you both up to new angles and new paths to pleasure. What’s not to love?

Learn more about the G-Spot Link and get yours here! And don’t forget to use code: Emily at checkout for 20% off your purchase…

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