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"Emily," Ceviche, A Dish Sampled at the Event

During the California Youth Connections (CYC) Culinary Inspirations event, held this October in San Francisco, California foster youth helped local chefs prepare and serve food  to raise money to empower kids aging out of foster care. I was surprised that many of the culinary treats that chefs and local eateries donated spoke to sex and relationships— non kid-like material.

Many companies participating had erotic names.   The name of one, “Taste and Texture” sounded like slow, romantic sex.  I spoke to Taste and Texture’s Chief Culinary Officer, Sarah Germany, who revealed that Taste and Texture is an interactive nutritional, living, and enjoyment initiative following the premise that food is simply taste and texture.  As we spoke, we concluded that sex is taste and texture too!  (The taste of sex can be made even better with the help of Masque oral strips)

The name of another company participating, Tender Greens, oozed with sensuality.  Tender Greens was sampling a ceviche dish named “Emily” — the dish was sweet and spicy much like my boss, Emily Morse (ah, this was an opportunity to brown nose)!

I learned that Tender Greens, a California chain of organic restaurants, aims to bring mind and body together in the act of eating.  The fusion of mind and body during eating sounded very much like the fusion of mind and body needed for good sex.  After all, a person’s ability to orgasm depends upon his or her psychological state.  A lover who is relaxed is more likely to achieve orgasm— hence, items such as Jimmyjane massage candles, can get a potential lover in the mood.

We have all heard that the quickest way to get to a man (or woman’s) heart is through his or her stomach.  It now seems like one of the quickest ways to the stomach is through the sensuality suggested by food.


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