Fetish Spotlight: The Foot Fetish

foot fetish blog sex with emily
foot fetish blog sex with emily

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I have to admit – while I love my body, I don’t really like the look of my feet. So, when I get hit up by people with a foot fetish, it always baffles me.

Today we are diving into the fascinating world of fetishes, in particular, you guessed it, a foot fetish!

Join us in learning all about what a foot fetish is and isn’t.


What is a Sexual Fetish?

First of all,  before we get into all things feet, what is a “fetish”? I generally define a fetish as a strong sexual interest in something specific, or a strong sexual desire for an activity. A kink, on the other hand, is generally defined as an “unconventional sexual taste or behavior.” 

In my opinion, one of the main differences between a kink and a fetish is that a fetish is usually more compulsory. This means the person with the fetish tends to need the hit of dopamine from the fetish in order to enjoy sex. Whereas being kinky or having a “kink” refers to desires related to sex that don’t necessarily comprise a “need,” rather more of a leaning or a “want.” 

There are some places a kink and fetish may intersect. I agree with one blogger, who put it this way:  “a kink becomes a fetish when it is viewed as the primary source of sexual pleasure.”


Foot Fetish 101

A “foot fetish” is defined as an “intense sexual interest in feet.” I would define it as when someone finds looking at, interacting with, or touching feet erotic. Terms such as “foot fetishism, foot worship, and foot partialism” have been attributed to the “sexual love of feet”.

Some people with this fetish get turned on by just looking at feet. Others love touching feet, kissing feet (as in foot worship), or having someone’s foot smashing against their face. One of my playmates loved having me press my feet against his cheek and pin him down with my full body weight.


At the beginning of one of my BDSM group sessions (five women domming one male submissive), I had our submissive slowly take off each woman’s shoes and gently hold and kiss their feet. It was highly erotic and beautiful watching both the kisser and the kissee indulge in this activity. Yet, this would be an example of foot partialism, not a true foot fetish. Because in this case, the submissive male only enjoyed the feet as an appreciation of an attractive body part.

Foot partialism can also include enjoying the look of feet in heels – a popular enjoyment. Whereas, someone with a foot fetish generally has a harder time becoming aroused without focusing on this particular body part.


4 things you may not know about foot fetishes


1- Apparently out of all the fetishes, “foot fetish” is the most searched for Google term. It is unclear exactly how prevalent a foot fetish is in terms of the percentage of the population. Some say it is not that common and comprises only a small percentage of people. But the general consensus is that out of all the fetishes, it comes in pretty high. Perhaps even first or second common out of all the fetishes!

2- Some foot fetishists choose to keep their fetish very private, while others celebrate sexual attraction to feet and its role in their sex lives.

3- Contrary to some commentators, it is not true that all foot fetishists like clean and “pretty” feet. There are plenty who get off on larger, less dainty, and even warped feet or unclean feet. It really all depends on the specific fetish. One person I encountered wanted to see in particular the underside of my feet, the arch of the foot and how the skin would bunch and wrinkle as the foot moved.

4- Foot fetishists tend to be found more in male-identifying people than female-identifying, but foot fetishes are not gender- or sexual orientation-specific.


An Ode to Feet

So there you have it! A little ode to the sexual love of the foot! Now, please don’t stomp away from it if you feel this fetish inside of you. If you have a foot fetish, first of all – enjoy! Secondly, make sure you safely pursue your fetish and ensure full consent of your partner.

If you’re feeling the urge to worship feet, but feeling nervous to bring it up to a partner, try this out.

Simply tell your partner that it would really turn you on to give them a lovely foot massage. I recommend using kissable massage oil because if they are really enjoying it, you can ask if they’d be comfortable with you transitioning to kissing their feet and sucking their toes. Delish! 


Emily Anne is a bestselling author, sex coach and educator, who specializes in helping people expand their sexual horizons through BDSM and kink. When she’s not obsessively talking about sex, she’s hiking through the Hollywood Hills. Get some sexy education on her Instagram feed


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