For the Love of Feet

Feet are one of those things that you either love or hate. The feet lovers might also possess the all too common foot fetish. Feet are the most common body part to be fetishized, and is most commonly found in men over women.

A Foot fetish, like many other kinks, can derive from numerous factors, though many psychologists believe it originates from childhood – toddlerhood, to be more specific – where the child first comes into contact with their parents’ feet. 

Like many fetishes, a foot fetish also has levels. Foot partialism is when one finds the feet attractive, but can also get turned on by other aspects of their partner’s person. Someone with a full foot fetish is strictly aroused by feet and feet alone. 

Not all foot fetishists are created equal – different aspects of the feet can turn them on. It can be shape and size, toes, toenails, treatment/cleanliness, odor, or sensory interaction. They may also be aroused by jewelry or shoes – especially women’s high heels. There are some foot fetishists that simply like to gaze upon their partner’s feet, kiss them, and caress them. Others take it a bit further, and enjoy rubbing feet on their genitals, like “foot jobs,” and even climax to feet.

One Foot in Bangkok

I was a bit shocked to find my first foot fetishist during my first time in Bangkok. My boyfriend picked me up from the airport and whisked me off to a hotel where a Portuguese man in a tux (aka Mr. Tux) escorted us to our new “upgraded room.” Turns out it was actually Mr. Tux’s room. He and my boyfriend had planned out a threesome for us. Everything proceeded quite normally – as normal as a MFM threesome can go – until Mr. Tux came out with a little confession.

“Would you mind if I licked your toes? I have a thing for feet.” I have never had anyone lick my feet before – I barely even let people touch my feet – but in the moment all I thought was, “hell, why not?!”

Mr Tux’s tongue reached out and made contact. He started with the big toe, then he gave a tiny suck to each little piggy, sliding in between each. It was interesting to say the least. His tongue was warm and wet, though not quite slimy. Each time he slid his tongue between my toes, a slight tickle slithered up my spine. He repeated the act on the other foot, then returned to the original big toe. He wrapped his lips completely around, filling his mouth with my toe. I felt the warmth of his mouth and saw the euphoric pleasure in his eyes. I became very pleased with myself to be able to bring such joy to someone with one of my least favorite body parts.

Then he admits the big one, “So, I really like finishing on girls feet. May I?”

Once again, he caught me completely off guard, and again, in the moment, I said “why not?” On my back, at the bottom edge of the bed, I presented my feet to Mr. Tux. I lifted my legs together as if they were in a mermaid tail, up a little more than ninety degrees and barbie toed my feet. He locked his gaze on my offering. I couldn’t help but watch – this was a first for my boyfriend and I. It wasn’t long before he finished.

“Now that was hot,” my boyfriend applauded.


Like I said, normally, I am not keen on letting people touch my feet, let alone go to town on them. But, when you open up your mind to the moment, those feelings of anxiousness don’t seem as prevalent. I may have missed out on a truly orgasmic experience if I never let someone love my feet. So, if you’re ever in the presence of someone with a foot fetish, mull it over before you walk out on the idea.

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