Fresh Balls and a Massage

Thanks so much for sharing your stories with me about why you want to have fresh balls and a massage. I’ve read your emails about why you want my Emily & Tony Aromatherapy Massage Candles and my DownUnder Comfort cream-to-powder formula to keep your intimate areas fresh and clean.

Here are some of the lucky winners I sent Massage Candles and DownUnder Comfort to last week:

I am writing you to try and receive the Coco scented candle! I just purchased the Vanilla Candle this morning, but I want to mix and match. My girlfriend and I have been fooling around with her girlfriends and it would be nice to have extra massage oil to go around. I am excited with the fact that you said it doesn’t mess the sheets. I’ve just recently replaced two sets fooling around with chocolate body paint. I guess it’s just impossible to be careful in the moment.

Great show,

Long Time Listener

Well, it seems like he’s getting lucky without my help, but I sent him a Coco Candle anyway.

Hello Emily,

I just heard your podcast about your DownUnder Comfort product. I am active in running and sports. It would be lovely to have fresh balls after a working out. I am very self-conscious about getting to the shower straight after a workout because you never know who you may run into. There is nothing better than getting in the heat of the moment and knowing you got fresh balls.


I have no fear Dimitri! If you meet a lovely lady on the way to the shower, your balls will be prepared for anything with the DownUnder Comfort I sent you.

I need DownUnder Comfort! My girlfriend is about 180 miles away and I ride a motorcycle.  When I arrive, I am pretty gnarly down under, but often my girlfriend wants to unzip my jeans and go to town. I tried talc, but that does NOT work. By the way, I landed the best woman in the world thanks to your solid advice and I’ve kept her thanks to your tips and constant reminders to slow down, tease, and communicate. I adore her, compliment her and kiss her as often as possible, but I don’t let her walk all over me either.  And when we go out…I have a plan.

Thank you so much Emily!

Had to give DownUnder Comfort to this guy for following my advice. Compliment her, kiss her as often as possible, slow down, tease, communicate, and always have a plan for a date. Oh, and always wear DownUnder Comfort if you want fresh balls.

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