Full Moon Sex-O-Scopes for December


Astrologers often talk about harnessing the energy of each Full Moon to add benefit to our personal and professional lives, but what about our sex lives?

We will be looking at how each sign can harness the energy of the full moon to improve and enrich their sex life.

This December Full Moon will be in the sign of Cancer, which is the sign most centered around the home and family life. This can be both a blessing and a curse to occur around the holidays.

For those who enjoy and have harmonious relationships with their families, the moon energy will support you in gathering together and celebrating. For those who have a difficult or non-existent relationship to family, this can be a really challenging time.

Cancer energy feels the safest and happiest at home, so spend some time this month making your home into a cozy nest for yourself. Emotions will likely be running high and fluctuating like the tides, so try to focus on mindfulness and staying present, and not overthinking things.

Okay, so now that we have some plans in place for our personal lives, let’s get into the sexy stuff!


With Uranus in Aries during this full moon, it will bring with it a desire to redesign an aspect of your life, so why not choose your sex life! You will also likely yearn for more freedom through independence, so even if you have a romantic partner, spend time connecting with yourself this month.

The Cancer moon will call you to be indoors, so make a sensual and comfortable sacred space. A mindful masturbation practice would be perfect for you this month!


Taureans would be wise to lean into energies of dedication and reliability this month, and focus on deepening their masturbation. Make a commitment to a daily sensuality practice, for a time period you feel you could manage.

Once every day, make time to slow down and indulge in one languid activity with yourself. Perhaps on Monday you might brew a delicious herbal tea for yourself and sip it slowly, savoring every drop. Tuesday you could take a long bath with luscious oils and candles. Wednesday you could try a decadent new crystal sex toy. You get the idea!


This Full Moon might be a bit complicated for the Geminis, as your urge to socialize and enjoy deep conversations with your social circle will be contrasted with the Cancerian Full Moons inclination to stay inside and indulge in some sensual pleasures.

You are the sign of twins, so why not have both? Pop in a discreet hands free vibrator or buttplug at your next social event and enjoy some hidden fun. If you have a partner you trust, you could even hand over the controls to them!


This is your moon my Cancerian loves, it’s time to rejoice. Be mindful that the energies of this moon will be particularly amplified for you, so be very gentle and kind to yourself this month. Allow your emotions to exist without judgement or analysis.

Being the sign of water, this watery moon will likely call you to it naturally. Lean into that energy and indulge in a sensual bath or long hot shower. Bring in luxurious oils, light some candles, and grab a waterproof toy. If you have a partner you’d like to connect with, now is the perfect time. 


With the Cancer Full Moon being centered around the home, it’s time for Leo’s to embrace being the Kings and Queens of their castle. Maybe some delectable new sheets for your bed, or an amazingly fun vibrator, like the We-Vibe Touch.

Write down some unique compliments about yourself on post it notes and place them around your bed, deeply honoring your unique and wonderful self.


This month is the perfect time for Virgos to try something new sexually, but first it’s time to dabble in some sexy research, on yourself! Write down a list of 10 things you’re curious to try. They can be as simple as leaving the lights on for sex, or as decadent as a sex party. Then spend some time exploring each of them, acting like a sexy scientist with yourself as the subject.

You can try visualizing an act you’d like to try while masturbating, or if you have a willing fellow scientist to play with, try some dirty talk with them. Dirty talk is an amazing way to explore dipping your toes into a new activity without actually trying it in action yet. 


You are one of the signs that loves their home almost as much as Cancerians do, so this moon shouldn’t be too challenging for you. Your sexual energy would be best spent this month bringing some of your deep desires to light.

If you have a partner, try having a conversation with them about some things you’d like to try, that you’ve been afraid to voice. Maybe some handcuffs or a blindfold would help you start dabbling in some of your sexual inklings. If you don’t have a partner, buy some kinky treats just for you! Maybe a dual penetration toy or some secret sexual jewelry.


During the Full Moon in Cancer, Venus will be in Scorpio, which is likely to exaggerate your desire for intensity of connection, deep sexual energy, and taboo explorations. This would be an ideal time for some manifestation and sex magic. Spend some time reflecting on what you’d like to call into your romantic and sexual life, regardless of if you’re in any partnerships or not. Write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it with a sex candle. Allow yourself to be filled with a trust in the universe that it will be made manifest.

 After you’ve completed this practice (and safely extinguished your candle), enjoy some sex with yourself or with a partner, sending your energy to manifest out into the world with the explosive power of your orgasm.


It’s time to throw out your fixations on unrequited or impossible love and sex. The Cancer Moon has no time for that dear Sag, for it seeks intimacy and closeness. To ease you into that, let’s begin with intimacy with self. What do you need in order to feel deeply intimate with yourself? It’s time to expand your sexual horizons and really make love to yourself this month. I believe in you Sag, you can do it!

Lean into your regal energy and let your body vibrate on a level that feels worthy of deep sensuality, and feels safe to trust it. Giving it to yourself first may lay the foundation for bringing in a really meaningful partnership.


There will likely be some opposing inner conflicts for you this month, you may be wanting to go out and celebrate, but also yearning to stay in and be sensual. Why not have both, and engage in some risqué exhibitionism. You might enjoy masturbating or having sex with a partner by a window or on a balcony, or even attending a hedonistic sex party and indulging in some voyeurism.

Allow your strong self control and discipline to relax a little this month. Remember to be mindful and present though. 


Aquarius, this Full Moon could be a time of big transformation for you, if you’re feeling up to the task. The Cancer Full Moon supports you in aligning yourself with what you truly need. While this is true for every sign this month, the aspect that makes yours unique is your skill to see past the societal conditioning, programming, and expectations of sexuality (and life in general).

First, write down a list of all of the sexual ideas you have about yourself. For example “I take a long time to orgasm,” or “my erections are erratic.” Then, spend some time reflecting and deprogramming them, releasing what no longer serves you. Write a new list of all the things you’d like to call into your life, both sexually and romantically. 


Ah Pisces, you have so many emotions and feelings already, and this Full Moon will likely compound them. Really lean into your self care this month, allowing it to be a pillar of emotional support for you. You may be feeling a little more out of the box than usual (even for you), so harness these energies and explore some of your more taboo yearnings. Spend some time journalling down your deepest sexual desires, and then pick the first one you’d like to explore this month. Next, write down three small steps you could take towards enacting it. Perhaps you’ve been curious to try some pegging!

This exploration of taboo could also be something you’re curious to try solo, perhaps indulging some of your kinkier interests in some erotica and masturbatory role play.  


Happy full moon everyone!


Isabella Frappier is an Australian writer, holistic life coach, tarot reader, birth doula, and apothecarist who is currently based in LA. When she’s not busy championing her sex positive agenda she… oh wait – she’s always busy doing that. You can connect with her at www.isabellafrappier.com or follew her Instagram @bellatookaphoto!
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