G-Spot Orgasm, Anyone?

Some people consider the G-spot the holy grail of female sexual pleasure, while others question its very existence. Scientists declared in 2011 that the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris and completely made up. All I know is that little bunch of nerve endings can provide a whole lot of pleasure, if you know how to find and pleasure it.

1. Find It

The G-spot is located about 2-inches inside the vagina on the topside vaginal wall. You’ll know when you find it because it feels like a bean shaped bump. The size and exact location will vary slightly with each woman.

Use fingers to pinpoint its exact location. The G-spot is easier to find when you’re already aroused. Make sure your partner gets you all hot and bothered before going for the G.

2. Pleasure It

FIngers are usually more effective as stimulating the G-spot than a penis (don’t worry, the penis has many other uses). Have your partner insert two fingers with palms facing up and make a come hither motion, massaging the G-spot with the their fingertips. One hand applies pressure to the G-spot, while the other hand rests on your abdomen, just above the pubic hairline. They should apply soft pressure to the abdomen while they stroke your G-spot. A little abdomen pressure can help stimulate the G-spot even more.

If you’re playing solo, invest in an awesome G-spot toy like the new G-Kii G-spot Vibrator by Je Joue. This bendable bad boy has locking adjustable joints that can be angled up to 60 degrees. In other words, it was made to hit your G-spot.

Pint-size vibes like the Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Vibrator are great for first-timers and discreet enough to stow away pretty much anywhere at a moments notice. The butterfly’s buzzing wings land on your clit giving it an equally nice massage.

For a G-spot orgasm to end all orgasms, get the Njoy Pure Wand. If you’re still skeptical about  G-spot, this shiny dildo will vanquish all doubts.

3. Orgasm

If you start feeling the urge to pee, don’t panic! It’s a sign that you’re getting close to having a G-spot orgasm. You’re not going to pee all over your partner. Plus, if you have a killer orgasm, who cares what happens?

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