Get Into Roleplay

roleplayEven sex gets boring if you’re doing the same thing with the same partner every night; that’s why roleplay is so much fun! You feel like you’re having sex with a famous doctor or a sexy police officer instead of your husband Bob.

The key to roleplay is letting go of your inhibitions. You’re not a High School math teacher tonight, you’re Princess Leia damn it! Here are four fun ways to get into roleplay.



4 Roleplay Ideas 

Playing Doctor

Exploring your patient-doctor relationship is great way to roleplay. One of you should pretend to be the hesitant patient who needs coaxing from the doctor. The hesitant patient is the submissive one in the roleplay, asking questions like “Doctor, is this going to hurt?” The doctor is the dominant one, examining the patient’s body and gently guiding the patient into “seeking treatment.”

Stranger in the Night

Plan your next date out at your favorite bar. Order dirty martinis, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe do a little dancing. Here’s the catch: you must act like perfect strangers. Pretend you don’t know your partner from Adam. Stay in character and try to seduce each other. Maybe you even want to make up fake names and personas. Wear something daring and different. Once you’ve “picked up” your partner and taken them home the fun can really begin.

Fantasy Fun

Let yourself be inspired by your sci-fi or fantasy favorite. Whether Harry Potter is your guilty pleasure or your favorite movie of all time, bring out your inner nerd by re-enacting some of your favorite scenes in the bedroom. We can all admire the way Princess Leia looks in her slave girl outfit. So sit back on the couch and have a movie or tv marathon with your partner. The role play fun starts once the credits start rolling…or maybe hours before. Don’t be afraid to heighten the immersive pleasure by introducing sexy costumes or props. There’s no need to stick to the script either, let your instincts have the creative control.

Because you’re all thinking about Princess Leia in her slave girl outfit

Under Arrest

One of you has done something very naughty and has to be disciplined under the letter of the law. Luckily Officer (insert your name) is up to the challenge. In this fun roleplay, one of you plays the criminal who just can’t resist breaking the rules. The one who plays the policeman/woman has to dole out the “punishments.” You can order them to “freeze.” They can choose to obey or to ignore the command, challenging your authority. Or maybe you can pat them down to “search for a concealed weapon,” only for it to escalate into a strip search. Eventually, they can seduce Officer (insert your name) into having all charges dropped. Just remember to stay light hearted, roleplay is supposed to be fun!

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