Get Your Rocks Off

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.35.10 AM-600x329Have you ever heard the urban legend about the life-threatening risks of mixing Pop Rocks and soda? Apparently, if you combine the two you’re sure to explode!

Now, I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly true but urban legends do serve a purpose. These fictious tales reminds us not to talk to strangers (especially when you’re babysitting and the calls coming from…the calls coming from…UPSTAIRS!!) and to always check your backseat before getting into the car (because there could be a knife-wielding madman on the loose!). Now, one couple is wishing they’d paid more attention to the infamous Pop Rock legend.

A recent episode of TLC’s hit show Sex Sent Me to the ER features a couple experimenting with Pop Rocks only to have their sexy encounter end in an emergency visit to the hospital. The Californian couple made the wrong decision when a husband used Pop Rocks on his wife while performing oral sex on her. The exploding candy is not safe to use during sex and can actually cause extreme discomfort and even pain in sensitive areas.

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