Get Tight For the Summer Intensity Giveaway!

It’s almost summer, and I’m sure you’re all getting your beach bodies in shape for the season. But have you forgotten about those other muscles that need tightening? I’m talking about your pelvic floor muscles, or course!

To help you achieve all your pelvic floor goals, I’ve decided to offer a little incentive. I’m giving away my favorite automatic Kegel  exerciser, the Intensity by Pour Moi!

Watch the video and read below for details on how to enter! 

Step One:

Create your 30-Day Kegel plan and email it to us at If you’re not sure where to start, check out the video for an example of my Kegel work out plan. It can be as similar and different as you’d like. It’s your workout, so give it your own personal flare!

Step Two:

Send us an email in one month telling us how it went and if you’ve noticed a difference. If you’ve kept up with your Kegels, you should definitely feel a difference after a month!


In June, we’ll choose the person whom we feel has most kept up with their Kegel routine and send an Intensity as a reward!

Don’t leave your Kegels in the dust this season and participate in the Get Tight For The Summer Intensity Giveaway!

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