Getting Over Sweaty Balls

Sweaty Balls Balls are kind of cute and cuddly on the right guy. That is of course if they are not sweaty balls covered in beastly hair.

Ladies: Pretending that balls don’t exist is futile. They are just too big, strange, and dangly to ignore. No matter how much you focus on the penis, “the boys” are hovering in the background ready to make their move. Literally. Balls move by their own volition. Testicles react to the temperature, moving around to protect the sperm. It’s a little terrifying.

Once you can get the image of squirming balls out of your head, try these techniques on a pair of worthy balls.

Techniques to use on balls:

1.     Start by lightly touching them. Jiggle them around in your hands a little to get a feel for them.

2.     Lick them with long stokes as if you are enjoying an ice cream cone (they are the same shape at least).

3.     Put them in your mouth or try gently rubbing your fingers across his perineum (the nerve-packed bit of skin between his scrotum and his anus).

If you meet the right pair, you might just find you actually like balls. You might even become a ball enthusiast.

Men: Worthy balls typically belong to someone women feel comfortable with, and someone who takes care of “the boys.” They trim them when they start looking a little straggly and keep them fresh and clean. Unless your balls are pristine after doing a set of squats, you’re going to want to use my Emily & Tony DownUnder Comfort to keep things dry, fresh and ready for anything.

sweaty balls

Remember, you should always be prepared to take your pants off.

You’re welcome.



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