Go down on me tonight

An important message brought to you by Masque: Sexual Flavors.

If spelling it out doesn’t work, there are other ways to get your partner to perform more oral sex, and enjoy it.

1. Go down more. Whatever you do, don’t go down there for 30 seconds and jab your tongue around like a meat tenderizer.  Stay there for a while and explore what your partner likes.  Ask directional questions and listen for responses. Is there a quickening of breath? moans? Exclamations of joy? You might be onto something. You may have to stay a while but give and you’ll most likely receive.

2. Bring the romance back into oral sex.  Make eye contact, run your fingers through their hair, massage your partner’s body on the way down and most importantly– be enthusiastic. If you aren’t a moaner, communicate your pleasure with non-verbal cues so your partner knows their on the right path to your pleasure.

3. Express how much you love it. Let your partner know how it’s especially good when they perform oral sex on you and what you like. Be specific. With that kind of encouragement, they’ll probably want to show off their skills sometime soon.

Also, they might enjoy giving oral sex more if it tastes like chocolate, strawberry, watermelon, or mango. Try Masque: Sexual flavors.

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