Hands-Free Prostate Orgasms with Aneros


One of my favorite qualities a toy can possess is being hands-free, leaving my hands to explore and stimulate the rest of my body, or somebody else’s.

Aneros first peaked my curiosity as it is one of the only companies that are specifically geared towards prostate pleasure – and more specifically, HANDS FREE stimulation. The goal is pleasure, not a one-handed workout! These toys are designed unlike any other prostate toys. I honestly thought I had experienced everything my prostate/P-spot could feel and achieve, until I tried an Aneros toy like the Helix.

The Aneros Helix Trident looks relatively unassuming, but super sleek. It’s the size of a finger or two, which I have to admit did not have me too excited. I thought – what can this thing POSSIBLY do that I haven’t experienced before? The answer? A LOT.

The Helix is made out of high-quality medical grade plastic. My initial reaction was: Plastic? What? In MY BUTT?! I am not particularly a fan of toys made of hard plastic. There are usually seams, edges, and I find myself worrying about the porousness and quality the toy itself. While the jury is still out on whether or not this plastic or porous or not – I was shocked at how well this toy is crafted. When they say medical grade, they MEAN IT. This might as well be considered a medical tool, for orgasms!

I already have and love the Aneros Syn, which is covered in a light skin of silicone, which I thought was the way to go. After using the Helix several times, though, I now wish my Aneros Syn was their hard plastic model! I might feel differently if this were a larger toy, but with this design the firm structure is EXACTLY what I needed to stimulate the prostate, perineum, and kundalini (k-spot) in a harmony of sensation that quite literally had me oozing the whole time.


The first time I tried the Helix, I didn’t use it as it was intended to be. I just inserted it and thought, meh, feels like a finger in there! To be honest, most prostate toys are simply that – phallus or finger-like shaped objects that you insert to stimulate the prostate, which always feels amazing. What sets Aneros toys like the Helix apart from all the rest, however, is not the size.

The magic and beauty of these toys is in the design and how it is intended to be used. There is SCIENCE behind these toys! *sings Bill Nye Orgasm Guy*

Aneros toys like the Helix work by contracting your pelvic floor muscles and PC sphincter muscles (the muscles you squeeze you want to stop peeing). Essentially, a kegel exercise for prostate havers (with orgasmic benefits)! By contracting those muscles, it brings the toy closer to your body while massaging your prostate. The two tabs on the outside press up against your perineum, giving you indirect prostate stimulation. So, essentially it’s squeezing the prostate from the inside and out (which feels incredible). While this wonderful thing is happening, the back tab stimulates the Kundalini and provides additional sensations, encapsulating the entire zone.



With every contraction, you are bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm. And, I’m not just talking about the standard ejaculatory orgasm most of us are used to achieving by jacking off. You know how people always talk about how individuals with a clitoris and G-spot are able to achieve full body orgasms, that last longer and are more powerful? Well all of our bodies are much more analogous than we think. Aneros’ designs give us all the opportunity to explore and achieve those full body orgasms. THANK YOU!!!

That’s right prostate havers – WE CAN HAVE INTERNAL AND FULL BODY ORGASMS, TOO! Or as Aneros likes to put it, a prostate orgasm or “Super O.” Our penis, the head in particular, corresponds to the clitoris. Our prostates corresponds to the G-spot. Our G and P-spots are even located in similar areas internally – just in a different hole! Imagine that!

Every time I have used the Aneros Helix, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to achieving the “Super-O.” The experience, sensations, and orgasms change and become greater as I continue to use it and strengthen my PC muscles. I will say, this is NOT a toy for a lazy masturbation session. There is a lot of work involved, but wow is it incredible to feel and learn my body work in a way I didn’t know it could. Think of it as an exercise tool, for your prostate and pelvic floor/PC muscles! Their toys will push your limits of what you thought you your body is capable of. It has made me feel more in tune and more aware of my PC muscles, how to use them, relax them, and contract them. Strengthening my PC muscles has not only given me stronger orgasms, but has also given me more control to relax it when I want to, making insertion easier!



Like I said, I still have yet to achieve the “Super-O,” but my ejaculatory orgasms are becoming more powerful each time. It’s WILD! Not to mention, super fun to watch the pre-cum ooze with every contraction (I generally produce a lot regardless, but even more so with this tool). If you like edging like I do, THESE ARE THE TOYS FOR YOU. Not just the toys, but more so the technique and exercise behind it. Could you use the same techniques with other toys with similar designs and strengthen those same muscles and have a prostate orgasm? Yes, absolutely! But Aneros’ designs are specifically made for it. I find myself continually on edge the whole time, quivering at times, and feel myself getting closer and closer to that “Super-O.” Rest assured, I will not stop trying until I get there and am VERY MUCH enjoying the ride.



Aneros had me at “hands-free,” but kept me when it transformed the way I think about my body and it’s potential. I have always thought of and used sex toys as a means of pleasure, to feel good, to explore my body – TO CUM. I NEVER thought I would encounter a sex toy that would teach ME about my body, strengthen it and my orgasms. In fact, change what I knew an orgasm could be! These are MASTERFULLY CRAFTED SEX GIZMOS. Works of art. Less Vincent Van-Gogh – More Moan-et. Next stop?

Getting my hands on the Aneros Trident Maximus or Progasm!



Cole Davis is a non-binary sex educator/entertainer and runs the daily operations of Spectrum Boutique (@shopspectrumboutique). They have a BA in Sex and Gender from Michigan State University and also help teach genital exams in nursing schools. Outside of work, they are a visual artist, stylist, and party host – Find them at @itsmecoledavis on Instagram and if you are ever in Detroit, join them at their weekly event – Haireoke (karaoke – with wigs!).
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