Hangover Sex: How To Do It Right

hangover sex blog sex with emily


hangover sex blog sex with emily

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You wake up bleary-eyed. You don’t remember even getting to sleep. Thanks, tequila!

But despite the headache, nausea, dehydration, and bloating, you feel an unexplainable urge to get it on…

Better than a bloody mary: the joys of hangover sex. 

Cosmpolitan interviewed me about the best lazy sex positions and hangover sex, and today I’m giving you my juicy hangover sex tips.

So here’s the lowdown on hangover sex, from why we crave it to the best lazy positions. Because being hungover shouldn’t be a barrier to great sex!

Why We Do It

In short, because no matter how terrible we feel, we know that hangover sex will probably make us feel better, at least temporarily. People are all about instant gratification. What better way to delay the suffering from last night’s liquid damage than to have an orgasm? For however long it lasts, you’re temporarily released from your hangover purgatory


 Physiologically, alcohol consumption is shown to lower men’s testosterone levels. So, guys might also crave sex to boost their hormones, especially if they couldn’t get anything going the night before. Plus, getting busy produces oxytocin (i.e. the happy hormone), which you’ll probably be needing after whatever happened the night before.


What To Avoid During Hangover Sex

Avoid oral sex on a penis (hello, gag reflect + nausea = you could choke-vomiting on a penis). Stay away from acrobatic positions. Take things slow (again, vomiting mid-hookup is not cute).

Chances are you didn’t have a calm, relaxing night. Make up for it in the morning by cuddling and doing it in lazy positions. Enjoy having intimate slow sex with your partner. You need some moral support—and body contact— during your hangover.


Best Positions for Hangover Sex


1. The Saucy Spoon

Lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Bring your up knees slightly while they enter from behind. Now, slowly start moving and get into a groove. You could even have them give you a little shoulder massage, if you’d like. (You had a rough night!) Plus, it will give them more leverage to thrust and hit your G-spot with their hands on your shoulders. If you want to skip penetration, have them give you a ‘reach-around’. 


2. Sitting Sex

If you’re at the point where you think you can sit up, have them sit on the bed (or a couch) with their legs outstretched. Put a pillow behind their back so they’re comfortable. Straddle them and start gyrating. If you’re feeling sleepy, drape your body over them while you move.

Give each other a supportive hug while you have slow sex. Sitting sex + hangovers are always a win. For extra leverage, have them put their knees up to give you something to hold on to. 


3. Mutual Masturbation 

Instead of having sex, consider mutual masturbation. This way both can both go at your own pace while watching each other self-pleasure. Take notes on what your partner likes so you can incorporate the moves into your next non-hungover play date.




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