America, home of the Brave, the Kinky & the Scandalous: Facts You (Didn’t) Need to Know

31043_32_23_nsHappy Birthday America!! Not only is America home of the free, it’s also home to millions of people that are having tons of sex. For hundreds of years Americans have been coming up with more laws, controversies, practices and habits to do with sex than one could ever possibly fit into a single blog. So, in honor of our Nation’s history, and diverse sexual past (and present), I’ve collected some interesting, bizarre, distressing and hilarious facts, statistics, stories and rumors all about the United States’ sexual history.

Did you know?

Lyndon B. Johnson, the 37th President of the U.S., was a sexual beast. Johnson’s bevy of babes was referred to by his male aides as a “harem.” Supposedly, LBJ would make passes at everyone from secretaries to party girls, he’d even use the Secret Service to his advantage when trying to hide his adulterous ways.

Somewhat surprisingly, only 1 person was put to death for a sex crime in the American colonies of the 17th century. Poor Thomas Graunger, a teenage farm boy, confessed to sex acts with a mare and was accused of similar crimes with a cow, goats, sheep and a even a turkey.

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, was kinky. Rumor has it that he loved having Vaseline ribbed on his head during breakfast. Apparently he got off on power play and loved that he was in the position that he could wave a finger and have someone rub his head with Vaseline. Weird.

The 29th President, Warren Harding, would play poker, chew tobacco, smoke cigarettes and serve bootleg whiskey to his guests- all during the Prohibition Era too. To further indulge his vices, Warren would sneak off in the middle of the night to watch burlesque shows.

Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, invited prostitutes to the White House’s annual Christmas Ball. Remember this is all happening in the 19th early century.


What about America now? Well, The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) offers findings from the largest nationally representative study of sexual and sexual-health behaviors ever fielded and is conducted by Indiana University sexual health researches. The study provides an updated and much needed record of Americans’ sexual behaviors from the patterns of condom use to the percentage of American’s participating in same-sex encounters- this study has it all.


  • According to the study’s findings, only 1 of 4 acts of vaginal intercourse are condom protected.


  • The average size of an erect penis measures between 5 and 6 inches, while the average size of a flaccid penis is about 3.5 inches.


  • Many older adults continue to have active pleasurable sex lives, reporting a range of different behaviors and partner types, however adults over the age of 40 have the lowest rates of condom use.


  • Approximately 70% of people admit to fantasizing about group sex at some point in their life, and more than 50% of those people actually follow through with that desire.


  • About 85% of men report that their partner had an orgasm at the most recent sexual event, compared to the 64% of women who report having  had an orgasm at their most recent sexual event.


  • Outside of the bedroom, the most common place for American adults to have sex in is the car.


  • While about 7% of adult women and 8% of adult men identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, the proportion of individuals in the U.S. who have had same gender sexual interactions at some point in their lives is higher.


  • Another survey reveals that married men are happier with their spouse (47%) than married women (37%).


  • Less than 1% of the population identifies as “Asexual,” having no strong sexual attraction to either sex.


  • Nearly 1 in 4 Americans has a sexually transmitted disease.
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