Have Multiple Orgasms!

If your reaction to the title of this article is, “Multiple orgasms? I’m just trying to have an orgasm period,” you’re not alone. After all, when you’re having orgasms few and far between, it’s hard to even imagine having multiple orgasms.

Sure, we’ve all had that super annoying orgasmic friend. You chew on ice (an obvious sign of sexual frustration) and force a smile while she goes on and on at brunch about her boyfriend’s perfect penis and her endless orgasms. You think to yourself, “I’m having sex with the wrong people,” “It’s impossible for me to orgasm like her,” or “Psh, this girl is crazy.”

The truth is, almost every woman has the potential to have multiple orgasms with or without a partner. It’s one of multiple reasons it’s great to be a woman. Even though the female orgasm is more difficult to achieve than the male orgasm, once you find your orgasmic groove, you won’t be able to stop!

3 Steps To Having Multiple Orgasms!

Find Your Happy Place

Sexologist Carol Queen explains that many women are sold a fantasy: Someday my prince will come and so will I.

Don’t wait for a guy to swoop in and magically give you multiple orgasms. Get an Original Magic Wand — the most powerful vibrator ever — and take matters into your own hands. Put on some Marvin Gaye, relax, and get it on with your vibrator.

Play around with a couple techniques and see what rubs you the right way.  Are you an indirect stimulation kind of girl or an all-out, direct clitoral stimulation gal? Try twirling your vibrator in circles, up-and-down, and on certain sides of your clitoris. Then commit to a move and see it through ’til the end.

Once you have your first orgasm, remove the wand and take a breather. Your clitoris will probably be too stimulated from the intense vibrations. After 30 seconds or so, go in for round two. Because your clitoris is so stimulated from the vibrator, it probably won’t be long until the second one hits you … and then the third … and the fourth … fifth?!? … SIXTH!!! At a certain point you’ll need to slowly step away from the vibrator and get back to your everyday life. There will be many more nights of multiple orgasms to come.

Do Your Kegels

Flexing your PC muscles, also known as your pee-stopping muscles, not only makes you tighter down there, but it also gives you more powerful orgasms. The orgasms you experience are really intense contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening them with Kegel exercises will increase blood flow down there and help bring on multiple contractions! All you have to do is remember to tense and relax your Kegel muscles. That’s why I made my app Kegel Camp that will lead you through your daily Kegel exercises.

Change Your Mindset 

If you don’t expect to have multiple orgasms, you probably won’t. It’s the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s time to set higher standards for your sex life. The orgasm is one of the most wonderful feelings a person can experience, and you deserve to feel it multiple times.

You need to prioritize your own pleasure and change the way you think about sex. Stop feeling complacent and having sex the same way over and over again. Get on top and take control of the movement. Grind your clitoris against your partner in a way that makes you feel good. Have slower sex. Bring a vibrator into the bedroom to give you the extra oomph you need. Schedule a night every week to do you — multiple times!  If you want to have multiple orgasms, you can’t do the same old thing and hope for different results. You can’t wait for the prince in shining armor to do it for you. Get down your technique, get out of your head and lose yourself in orgasmic pleasure. Buy a vibrator, perhaps invite a lover, and do it over and over again.

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