Have You Reported Your Sex Partners Lately?

Ever heard of the Putative Father Registry? This week The Atlantic posted an article stating that 33 states have Putative Father Registries. The point of this registry is to link unmarried men to their children through a list of women they reportedly had sex with. The way it’s enacted?  Men are expected to report a list of their sexual partners to the government. You may be wondering, “Why would anyone ever do this?” The reason is to give men a say in whether or not a child that may be born is given up for adoption.

 The Atlantic argues that this process is helpful because it allows men the opportunity to have a say in a hypothetical child’s life and a hypothetical adoption. Because of the existence of this registry, if a man does not register with the Putative Father Registry, he won’t have a say in the adoption of his child.

The article also points out that there are some major flaws in this system. The first and most major flaw is that the registry is virtually unknown. On top of the unknown state of the registry, in some states it gets very personal and a little down and dirty. Some states may ask you if you had a one night stand. They may want you to identify the social security number of your new girlfriend. The registry may also act as a way of forcing a pregnant mother to keep in contact with a past partner she may not want to speak with anymore.

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