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Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, by Sex Expert Emily Morse and Sex Educator Jamye Waxmen, is filled with over 200 exciting ideas to tease, play, entwine, and explore your partner(s). The beautifully rendered illustrations compliment this book’s suggestions for spicing up your sex life.  In a realistic graphic style reminiscent of pop-art, you will find plenty of visual aid to inspire you to try new things. For great sex you’ve always wanted, simply turn the page

Whether you’ve been curious about having a threesome, are thinking about tying up your partner, or just craving some different takes on the missionary position, this book will get you there. Hot Sex is hip, accessible, and great for couples to look at together, sparking intimate conversations and even better, follow-up action.

Morse and Waxmen combine forces to provide you with a contemporary spin on the classic “Joy of Sex” with dozens of colorful, stylized pictures and deliciously detailed descriptions.

“This is a simply wonderful book that everyone should have in their collection. The combination of spot-on advice with beautiful, accessible graphics makes this an instant classic. Pick any page to jump-start your own fun evening or weekend. Kudos to the authors for an excellent job.”
—Nina Hartley
Author of Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex

Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight is a deliciously detailed primer on everything you need to know to become an incredible lover. Jamye and Emily cover the gamut from sensuality to role-playing and everything in between. You’ll have a whole new bag of creative ideas and moves that will keep your lover begging for more. Get ready to rock your sex life!”
—Candida Royalle
Feminist erotic filmmaker & author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do

“This book serves up sex education like it’s a beautiful box of Valentine’s day chocolates. Given with a whole lot of love, HOT SEX is a sampler of sweet, sensual snacks in perfect, petite portions that give gooey gratification. Delicious!”
—Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Sexecologist, Artist, Pleasure Activist

“A treasure trove of quick tips that will improve the sex life of any couple.”
—Dr. Sandor Gardos
Sex therapist and founder of