Sex on a Date

Recently, myTreat interviewed me on dating.  This is my first response to their series of questions — what can guys do to increase their chances of having sex on a date?

When dating someone new it’s important to be confident, honest, kind, generous in your words and gestures. Listen. Be present. Remember what she says. Ask her about it later. Compliment her, when you feel it. Entertain her and no you don’t have to be funny to do so. Get to know her for who she is before throwing sex into the mix.

What does all of this have to do with increasing the chances of having sex on a date? Well, everything. Be the type of person she wants to sleep with and she’ll be more likely to sleep with you, eventually.

And Don’t forget the Dont’s: don’t pressure your date into having sex with you. Don’t be aggressive or abuse alcohol or other substances.

The sex will happen when the timing is right and you’re the best guy you can be.

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