How Clean Are Your Sex Toys?

Sex toys—we love them because they help us love ourselves. They are like your genitals’ best friends! If your best friend was dirty, you’d tell them to take a shower (or at least I hope you’d give them that courtesy), so why don’t we treat our sex toy pals with the same respect?


Just like your favorite blouse or pair of lingerie, you have to keep your sex toys clean if you want to use them more than once. We are putting these things inside of our bodies, so cleanliness is key. You may be a very clean person, but bacteria (especially the infection-causing kind) can stick to your toys and grows on them when you store them in dark spaces. Don’t give yourself a yeast infection just because you didn’t disinfect your vibrators.


Now let’s talk about HOW you clean them. We’ve all seen horror stories of sex toys getting destroyed because someone tried to put them in the dishwasher, right? Well let me be clear: DO NOT DO THIS. This is a quality sex product, not a dinnerware set from Target—it deserves a little more TLC when being cleaned. Also since this toy will regularly come in contact with your most sensitive areas, make sure not to use any type of cleaner that you wouldn’t use on your skin.
So, how exactly do you clean your sex toys? Well, We-Vibe has the answer. We-Vibe Clean is a cleaning spray formulated for hygienic cleaning of any pleasure product you may have, whether it is made of latex, silicone, or rubber. Check out the video below was the lowdown on this great product!

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