How I Got Over my Fear of Balls

Balls can actually be cute and cuddly if you give them a chance. That is if they are on the right guy of course. The fact is they are simply too big, strange and dangle too much to ignore. At least this is what I have come to believe after years of trying to pretend balls don’t exist.

My fear started when I kneed my 17-year-old crush in the balls while trying to do some fancy yoga maneuvers in bed. Since then I have tried to block them out. They were mostly covered in weird long pubic hair. I tried to only focus on the penis. That’s what really matters right? But the truth is they exist and there will always be that person who loves getting their balls played with, especially during head.

When confronting your fear of balls you must first make sure you are completely comfortable with the person you are with. Then you must admit you have a fear. Go slowly and get accustomed to them. Introduce yourself to them with some light touching and massaging.  Ask your partner how he likes them  played with. Lick them with long stokes as if you are enjoying an ice cream cone (they are sort of the same shape at least). Put them in your mouth or try gently rubbing your fingers across his perineum (the nerve-packed bit of skin between his scrotum and his anus).

You might just find out you actually like balls. You might even become a ball enthusiast if you meet the right set.

So gentlemen keep them clean and tidy if you want us to be down with your balls. Try Max 4 Men Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream and Balls n All Moisture Control Balm to help a sweaty pair.

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