10 Tips on How to Kiss

How to Kiss

Some people never learn how to kiss. Their tongue darts down your throat or flaps weakly in your mouth. They kiss you with clenched lips or they open their mouth so wide your face is suctioned into their gaping mouth.

I don’t care if you can’t get it up to save your life, you orgasmed after 30 seconds, or your penis shriveled up inside of you. You’re not defeated if you can learn how to kiss (and successfully give her cunnilingus). Not that men are the only ones who need some pointers on kissing.

10 Tips on How to Kiss

1. Start with lips slightly parted and kiss his or her lower lip with your upper lip. This is not a good time to see how far you can shove your tongue down their throat. Spend time kissing without using your tongue, unless you both can’t help going at it like a bunch of wild banshees. For the rest of you lovers: take it slow.

2. If the moment allows, stop kissing your partner for a second to look into their eyes.  After all, you have to come up for air at some point.

3. Throw in some light kisses between the more passionate, longer kisses.

4. You’re not restricted to just his or her lips. Feel free to kiss other parts of the face like the earlobes, cheeks, or even just one lip at a time.

5. Gentlemen, remember your mouth is bigger than hers. Try not to engulf her with your giant man lips.

6. Go in for the kiss and right before your lips touch, pull back. Teasing makes your lover want it even more. Go in for the kiss again and barely brush lips. Spend time lightly touching lips and tongues together. After the tension is built up so much that you’re both about to explode, go in for the full make out.

7. If you have no idea what to do with your tongue, try sticking it out only halfway when you kiss. Leave tonsil hockey to horny teenagers who can’t wait to see real life boobs. Start by moving your tongue above and below your partner’s tongue. Don’t go too fast at the beginning. Fast movements often express horniness more than they express passion.

8. Nibble the lip a little. Drag your teeth gently across their bottom lip without acting like a creepy vampire. Bloody lips and hickeys are not sexy. But sucking on your partner’s tongue is.

9. If you’re not sure if you’re an amazing kisser, ask your partner to kiss you the way they want to be kissed. Then switch. Now show them your best moves. If you’re dating someone who kisses with clenched dinosaur lips, this game will hopefully solve your kissing crisis.

10. Spend more time kissing. Keep you pants on for a few extra minutes and make out. Remember how much fun it was to kiss when you were young and less jaded? When you spent hours just kissing and dry humping on a jungle gym. (Okay guys, I know dry humping hurt your balls but it was still pretty awesome at the time.)

Don’t stop kissing now that you’re older and all you think about is your genitalia. Every orgasm begins with a kiss (or a strong vibrator.) Learn how to kiss with passion, and do it as often as you can.


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