How to Shave Pubic Hair

how to shave your pubic hairGet naked and learn how to shave pubic hair. 

Do you ever find yourself staring at a woman’s crotch in awe of her pristine pubic line? (I can’t be the only one!) Shaving pubes is an underrated art form.

There are important decisions to be made. Landing strip or no landing strip? Retro bush or completely shaved? Don’t even get me started on the pesky ingrown hairs and he razor burn.

Your pubic line isn’t going to be as smooth as a baby’s behind if you don’t do the work. Of course there is the option of getting a wax. But, do you really want to pay a woman named Olga to rip out your pubic hairs? 

Here’s how to shave pubic hair:

1. Trim your pubic hair first

Don’t just mow your razor across your gigantic 70’s bush. You need to trim before you shave. Razors are designed to remove short hairs, not Rapunzel’s pubes.

2. Take a shower or hot bath before shaving

Don’t just drop trough and ambush your pubes with a razor. You need to soak in hot water to soften hair follicles before shaving. 

3. Use a good razor and shaving cream

Don’t use the rusty razor that has made a home for itself in the corner of your shower. Change razor heads frequently. Also, get shaving cream especially designed for your pubic hair like Crazy Girl Wanna Be Naked Shave Cream (by the same people who made Coochy Shave Cream). Here I am getting my shave on. I like to do some leg shaving as foreplay before I get to the goods.

how to shave pubic hair

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4. Shave with the grain

I know it’s tempting to shave against the grain, but resist the urge for your pubic line and pubic mound.

If your skin isn’t too sensitive, you can probably get away with one stroke in the opposite direction. But for the rest of the time be kind to your pubes, and shave in the same direction as the hair grows. 

5. Go slow

Pretend you are making love to your pubic hairs. Move your razor slowly and gently across your pubic mound.

6. Don’t miss sensitive spots

Your nether regions will be easier to shave if you stretch out your skin and get in close. Don’t miss super sensitive spots. Get in there and examine your crotch with laser vision.

7. Don’t go shave crazy

I know you want your pubes to be perfect, but don’t become so obsessed with your pubic artwork that you over-shave. Your skin will get irritated if you keep attacking it with a razor.

8. Exfoliate and moisturize

Your pubes have just endured a lot of trauma. They aren’t ready for the world yet. Pamper your shaved pubes by exfoliating them with body soap and moisturizing them after you get out of the shower. Aloe Vera is great for alleviating your pubic hair’s pain and suffering.

9. Show off your pubes to the rest of the world. Or just dance naked in front of the mirror for a while.


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