Hump Day Hip Movements

As an expert hula-hooper and someone who’s had sex once or twice, I can appreciate the importance of hip movement during the deed. Luckily, you don’t have to be a Zumba God to be good at sex. You just need to learn how to shallow thrust, swivel, and screw.



Shallow Thrusting

The outer third of a woman’s vagina is the most sensitive. The G-spot is hanging out just 2 inches inside the vagina. Introduce your penis to it. Many men find that they too enjoy shallow thrusting since it stimulates the head of the penis (the most sensitive part).

Just the tip: Instead of pummeling your partner with your penis, alternate between shallow thrusts and deep thrusts. But try to stay mostly in the shallow end.

Swivel & Screw

Despite all the porn you watched in the eighth grade, most women don’t like being Jackhammered during sex. Try making circular movements with your hips while you’re on top. If you want to stimulate her clitoris, and trust me you do, push your hips up slightly while you screw.

Also, try CAT Position to get more in touch with your feline side. Instead of the ol’ in-out, slow it down, scoot up, and make an up-and-down motion during Missionary.

PC Muscles

These are the miracle muscles that prevent you from peeing in your pants, and make you better in bed. Exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegels to last longer. Relax your PC when your hips meet your partner’s hips, and squeeze them when you move away. Remember to breathe with the flow of your Kegels, and check out Emily’s app Kegel Camp for a helpful hand. Word on the street is that Kegels give men stronger orgasms. Since I don’t have a penis I can’t attest to this, but I do know it gets tighter down there when women get their Kegel on during sex.

Whenever you’re moving those hips around, it’s important to pace yourself and get the timing right. You don’t have to be a graceful swan, just start off slow and ramp up if your partner is feeling it. Pay attention to how they react to your moves and go with the flow. Find your groove whether you prefer shallow sex, screwing, or making slow passionate love.


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