Introducing The Sex With Emily Pleasure Planner

Couple Looking At The Digital Tablet In Bed

abstract art that says "Plan Your Pleasure"Welcome to 2021, everyone! I’m sure many of you are taking the time to set intentions, resolutions, and goals for the year ahead. And while that’s amazing, I’m here to encourage you to consider setting sexual intentions, or goals that are focused on prioritizing pleasure and intimacy. And to help you get started, we’ve created the Sex With Emily Pleasure Planner. 

This planner is a step-by-step guide designed to help you be more intentional about creating a pleasure-filled year. Do you want to have more orgasms? Are there fantasies that you want to explore with your partner? Maybe you simply want to enhance intimacy and pleasure in all areas of your life. In any case, the Sex With Emily Pleasure Planner will help you gain clarity on your sexual needs and desires and set actionable steps to obtain these goals for the year ahead. 

Do it solo to develop a deeper connection with yourself or try it with your partner to learn more about one another’s needs and desires. In any case, you’ll walk away with a pleasure-filled action plan to make 2021 your sexiest year yet.

Download the Sex With Emily Pleasure Planner

After all, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. (I’ve definitely been there…) Having a plan in place for your sexual pleasure can make it so much easier for you to start incorporating better sex, more intimacy, and stronger communication in all facets of your life. 

And remember: I’m here to help guide you along the way. You can ask me anything. I love hearing from you, so send me your thoughts at I’m always here for you. Let’s get it on!

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