Jackrabbit Sex

Dear Emily,
Thank you for the new term “Jackrabbit Sex” which has quickly become a regular part of my vocabulary, and paranoia. Jack rabbit sex! Holy crap! I am suddenly wondering whether I am occasionally guilty of this. Can you delve a little deeper into this? Why is it so bad?

Thanks so much,
J from Ohio
Dear J,
Hate to break the news to you, but you’re a man so chances are you’ve been known to “jackrabbit” from time to time (the position with man on top pounding away on his partner like a jack rabbit.) The problem with this position is that it doesn’t necessarily help women achieve an orgasm. It totally misses the clitoris all together and most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. I understand why legions of men have been guilty of “jack rabbiting,” It feels great for the guy– you can control the motion, the pressure and the intensity. The reason I talk “jackrabbit” sex in the playful negative is because what women are thinking is: ‘Don’t you realize that you’re pounding away at me like a piece of meat while I’m becoming A) numb or B) bored?’ However, you won’t be seen as selfish if you mix it up. Variety = Spice of sex life. There are versions of the missionary position that will feel good for both of you. Try having the man lift himself up as high as possible and position his legs on the outside, on either side of his partner. He can then penetrate her from above.Why does this work? Since ordinary thrusting fails to stimulate the clitoris when a man positions himself with his hips above his partner, he can thrust so that the shaft of his penis stimulates the clitoris directly. See, so you can spice up the good ‘ol missionary position with pleasure for both of you!
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