Jeff Probst Show Appearances

This week I made two appearances on the Jeff Probst Show answering viewers’ questions on what is a “normal sex drive”  and couples’ compatibility…

I get a lot of questions regarding what’s “normal” – “normal sex drive,” “normal number of partners,” ect. The truth is nothing is!  Watch my video clip for some advice.


Later this week, backstage at Jeff Probst,   I answered more questions from viewers; specifically “if sex isn’t good the first time, how long do I wait to have better sex?”   Watch this video clip I tackled this couples’s sexual compatibility question.

I will answer viewers’ questions on future episodes of the  Jeff Probst Show.   So, if you have a question, e-mail me at

Happy Monday!



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  1. Larry says:

    Emily – congrats on being a regular on Jeff’s show! I’ve been a fan of yours for years. Whew, they make you talk fast to fit into a one minute slot!

    Is it too much to ask to see you on Survivor soon? You could totally rock that game.

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