Your July Sex & Love Horoscope

July sex horoscope blog sex with emily
July sex horoscope blog sex with emily

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While the Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer, my Sex-O-Scopes are here to mark the beginning of July, and with it, Cancer Season!

Use this guide to harness the astrological influences of the month for your sexual benefit. 

Lately, I have had so many clients tell me they feel weepy and tired for the last few weeks, and guess why? Cancer Season! 

On June 21st we entered watery Cancer, who lends us her sweet and tender maternal energy. The mother of the zodiac, she brings us indoors to cry, rest, restore, and lick our wounds. 

Don’t worry too much, the tears will end eventually, with July 23rd signaling the beginning of sexy and attention seeking Leo Season. A refreshing change, and if you do the healing work needed during Cancer Season, you can have an even better time.  

On July 7th, Mercury will be Retrograde in Leo, moving back to Cancer on July 19th, and then July 31st it goes direct. Don’t worry too much, this retrograde will be highlighting old wounds we have yet to heal, particularly centric around our egos and sense of self. 

If you’re new to astrology, feel free to just look up your sun sign. If you’re more experienced in the astrological realm, you may enjoy looking up your Venus and Mars positions, as these rule your sex and romance zones.



It’s your time to shine Cancerians, your season is here! On July 2nd you’ll host both a New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This will shed light on aspects of your life and sexuality that you’ve been searching for meaning on. A bit of an ‘Aha!’ moment. 

Then on July 3rd, Venus, the planet of love enters watery Cancer. You’ll be feeling even more emotional than usual, and keen to stay at home and snuggle. This is a great time for sexual and romantic intention setting, regardless of if you’re in a relationship or not. Snuggle under some cozy blankets with your fave sex toy and let the relaxation wash over you. 


Hang on to your hats, because on July 7th Mercury will be retrograde and then on July 19th, the Mercury Retrograde enters Cancer. Combine that with the Sun moving through your sign and your First House of Self this month, and you’re in for a powerful month. Expect to get some more inner insight around your old wounds that are yet to heal. Particularly when it comes to your sense of self.  

Don’t forget to treat yourself, or the special Cancerian in your life, with an Astrological treat this month. 



You’ll have to be patient a little longer my lions, your time in the spotlight is almost here. To tide you over, Mars enters Leo July 1st. Mars is the planet of sex and aggression, so this is the perfect month for you to fully embrace your sexuality. Don’t be shy to explore aspects of your sexuality that you’ve kept hidden. 


Then on July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and moves through your Twelfth House of Spirituality. Try engaging in some sex magic, mindful masturbation, or mindful partnered sex. On July 27th Venus, the planet of love and romance enters Leo, making you crave even more attention and affection than usual.  This would be the perfect time for some sensual self-portraits, or even to make a sex tape



You’ll be in for a shake-up this month Virgos, and I’m sorry because I know you hate that. But try and use it to your advantage, reminding yourself how much you value self-improvement. Mercury is retrograde through your Twelfth House of Spirituality from July 7th to 19th, which may make you question some long-held beliefs. Sit with the discomfort, and don’t try and rush the process.  


Things will lighten up energetically around July 16th, when the partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon will light up your Fifth House of Romance. If you’ve harnessed the power of Mercury retrograde, then you may have powerful new insights into what you’d like out of your romantic life, so don’t be afraid to share them. 

With the Sun moving through your Eleventh House of Friendship this month, it’s the perfect time to socialize with friends and even ask to be set up on a date if you’re single. If you’re partnered, try heading out on an adventure date with your boo. The Moxie by WeVibe is the perfect companion for some hands-free fun if you’d like to be daring. 



Well Librans, you’ll be feeling a lot of lovey-dovey energy this month. You may even notice your mind wandering to fairytale type love stories and crying over puppy commercials. I know my fellow Libra babes love some uncuffing season vibes, so don’t panic over these mushy ‘stay-inside-and-cuddle’ urges. You can always blame Cancer Season. Not to mention the partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon in your Fourth House of Home Life on July 16th making you want to hibernate with a lover. 


With the Sun moving through your Tenth House of Career this month, try out some career-centric role play! You might want to be a sexy secretary or a high powered executive, so enjoy playing with the professional power dynamics. Don’t let being single keep you out of this juicy fun, some imagination masturbation is divine. If you need a new sex toy to spice up your routine, try the revolutionary new one by Zumio



This is going to be a fun and kinky time for you Scorpion hotties, just how you like it.  On July 2nd, the total solar eclipse and New Moon will be in your Ninth House of Adventure and Higher Learning. This is the perfect time to lean into the darker side of your sexuality and explore something new and taboo. Remember, this is about what’s taboo for you. Take a solo or partnered sexual adventure, and learn a new sex skill, explore a different body part, or whatever floats your boat. 


If you’re not ready to adventure for real yet, just dip your toes in with some dirty talk.  The perfect time would be July 16th, when the partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon will be in your Third House of Communication. If dirty talk isn’t your speed, that’s okay too. Just use the energy of heightened communication to tell people how you really feel, and what you truly want. 



This should be an interesting month for the Archers among us. Around July 2nd,  the total solar eclipse and New Moon will be in your Eighth House of Intimacy. Combine this with the cozy Cancer season vibes and the usually free-spirited and outdoorsy Sagg’s will be feeling uncharacteristically snuggly. Don’t fight the urge! Honor your needs as much as you are able. 


Then get ready to be thrown through a loop, because Mercury moves backward through this same house from July 19th to 31st. What?! That’s right, as soon as you were getting used to this feeling of comfort and stability, you’re going to feel all restless again. Use this as an opportunity to examine which feelings you truly want to honor right now, and which are just fleeting urges. 



The usually utilitarian Capricorns will be feeling uncharacteristically romantic this month. This is due to the Sun moving through your Seventh House of Partnership, so don’t get all freaked out if you start catching *gasp* feelings.  Use this as an opportunity to go deeper with yourself, and examine if your desires for life are shifting. 


Then on July 16th, there’s a Full Moon and a Partial Lunar  Eclipse in Capricorn. This is going to throw a massive spotlight on the hidden desires you’ve been hesitant to own up to. Take all the time you need to explore, as well as process what comes up for you along the way. Try out something new to shake up the energy if it starts feeling too heavy, perhaps with some edging or a BDSM game or two. 



Aquarians, the most esoteric and humanitarian-minded of the zodiac sign, have some change on the horizon. Ya’ll can be prone to being a little… emotionally detached, but you will be feeling more emotional than usual this month. Don’t freak out.

Around July 16th the partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon will be in your Twelfth House of Spirituality. This will shed some light on areas of your inner landscape that you’ve been avoiding, and is the perfect time to release old habits or patterns that no longer serve you. 


With the Sun moving through your Sixth House of Health and Routine this month, it’s the perfect time to prioritize pleasure and shake up your current routine. Sex is good for you, partnered or solo, so don’t be afraid to really lean into your pleasure. You deserve it!



You should be in for some revelations this month Pisces, if you can get through Cancer season without drowning in your own tears. Cancer Season is known for bringing out the waterworks, and dear Pisces do have a lot of feelings already.

On July 2nd, the total solar eclipse and New Moon are in your Fifth House of Romance and Fun. This will bring some much-needed clarity to what you’ve been truly craving. This is the perfect New Moon to set some sex and love intentions, and amplify them with mindful masturbation if you’re game to give it a try. 


If might get a little confusing later in the month as Mercury moves backward through this same house from July 19th to 31st. This may cloud your judgment and make you question the intentions you just set. Don’t worry though, breath through the discomfort and allow it to pass. If your intentions still resonate with you once Mercury goes direct on the 1st of August, you’ll know it’s real. 



This is a month of duality for the Aries babes among us. With the Sun moving through your Fourth House of Home Life this month, combined with Cancer Season vibes, you’ll be feeling more emotional and romantic than usual. You’ll know it’s started when you’re craving cuddling with a lover in bed instead of painting the town red.


Right when you’re feeling clear about what you want, Mercury moves backward through your fifth house of romance from July 7th to 19th. Instead of panicking, use this as an opportunity to look at your romantic desires with fresh eyes. If it’s no longer serving you, it’s time to let it go.



This month is going to be a masterclass in communication for my Taurean babes. The Sun moves through your Third House of Communication this month, so don’t miss this opportunity. Tune into your throat chakra energy by wearing blue, masturbating with blue vibes, and telling people how you feel. 


Then, on July 3rd till the 27th, Venus will be moving through your Third House of Communication too. Don’t fret too much, your communication doesn’t have to be all mushy and romantic (though it might, if Venus and Cancer season have anything to do with it), you can use the energy for dirty talk too. 



When Mercury moves backward through your Third house of Communication from July 7th to 19th, you might notice that everything you’re trying to say comes out all wrong. Chatty Gemini’s are ruled by Mercury, so they are often hit hardest by Mercury being Retrograde than others are.


Don’t worry too much Twins, try and focus on letting your body talk instead of your mouth for once. Listen to what your body is craving and try and meet your needs. Connecting to your sensuality can be a great way to start tapping into your body literacy. 

When the Sun moves through your Second House of Income this month you may find your energy for work kicking into overdrive. Use this time to focus on what you truly want out of life, including your sex life. Setting some sexual resolutions, filling out a sexual questionnaire, and prioritizing pleasure can be helpful tools in your toolbelt this month.

Happy Cancer Season! Make sure to pack your tissues!


Isabella Frappier is an Australian ex-pat living in LA, who swapped gumtrees for palm trees. She’s a writer and a holistic Sexuality Doula, who specializes in body literacy, sexual sovereignty, and BDSM.
She is also a host on the popular new Sex Magic Podcast. When she’s not busy championing her sex positive agenda, she—oh wait—she’s always busy doing that. Follow her adventures on Instagram.
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