Just Think! Someday All of This Will Suck & You’ll Call Me crazy!

No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.” W.C Fields

It’s high time men get more creative when revealing the reason they broke-up with someone. Have you noticed? It’s always because, well, “she’s crazy.”

I’m not saying she isn’t, wasn’t, ain’t, but it seems to be the cliché blanket explanation that unifies the majority of breakup tales with women.

It’s not really fair. Women don’t have one reason we break up with men: some of you are assholes, dicks, cheaters, liars, narcissists, boring, or cheap. Not us women, we’re all just “crazy.”

I had three separate conversations in under 24 hours where a man called a woman crazy. No, I’m not in the mood to use this as a platform to go off on why that’s possibly sexist, or discriminatory– you know, of actual ‘crazy’ people– but my point here is just to make the point that all, okay most (I try not to hyperbolize) men eventually find women to be crazy.

Both men and women should give women the same credit given to men– the opportunity to be things other than crazy. You know, women can also be liars, or cheaters and sometimes total assholes. I’ve seen it. I may have even been there.

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