Keeping Up with Kissing

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Just like a note to every chord, kissing is the foundation to any romance. So when it comes to long-term relationships, why is it unfortunately one of the first things to go?

It’s a momentous day in every adolescent’s life when they finally get over the idea of cooties and come to terms with kissing. Many emotional things can come and go, so it takes work to maintain a consistent and healthy rhythm.


As couples tend to fall out of the “honeymoon” phase and settle into more comfortable, less inhibited territory, many tend to start ignoring all the (once coveted) extra displays of affection. Everything from compliments and dressing up, to frequent sex or kissing in general — they often lose sight of the little actions that go a long way as a means of expression.

Heat Of The Moment

When starting into a newfound fling, it’s imperative to show that you like them. By making moves that go the extra mile, you’re able to communicate that you’re attracted and interested in keeping the train of enticement running. So when couples begin fumbling out of habits like kissing, it’s easy for them to lose touch with how to keep the heat of their interest alive.

More frequently, making out means rekindling the kind of passion that connected you in the first place. So by reigniting that spark time and time again, it should come as no surprise to find yourself kept in the moment for sexy acts to follow.

Since the lips have more than a million nerve endings, it’s no wonder a caressing canoodle can catapult you into all the feels. The clitoris alone “only” has 8,000 neuroreceptors (which is already double that of the circumcised penis), so our lips are by far the body’s most exposed erogenous zone. Coupled with the fact kissing is a straight up barometer for sexual compatibility, it’s hard to argue the activity could ever truly become obsolete.

Back To School

If your problem lies more with a partner’s approach than the effort itself, that could use some important deliberation, too.

As great as it would seem to have a mind-reader for a partner (well, sometimes), that frankly is not an option. So if you’re displeased with their smooching style, take the analogue approach. Show them how you’d like it done!

Taking hold of the jaw to guide their mouth close to yours, lead them through how you want them to move their tongue and embrace your body. After holding your own demonstration, let them then take the lead and try to reenact it back on you. The goal is to find compromise in technique, so with a little practice-makes-perfect attitude, you’ll both be like-minded maestros of kissing in no time.


Whenever in doubt of how to spice up a longstanding romance, opt to keep the heat alive with methods that never go out of style. Lock lips, make out, and all the pleasure-packed perks that go along with it.


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