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About Kegel Camp App

Kegel Camp iOs app is a fun and easy way to do your Kegel exercises. Emily guides users through 20 gratifying workouts that benefit both women and men.

Kegel exercises are a proven method for enhancing overall sexual health, and regular practice can dramatically improve your sex life.

Benefits include stronger orgasms, increased stamina for men, and a decrease in bladder issues for pregnant women.

How to Works

Once you have downloaded the app from the app store, you sign in and update your profile with your level and information. 

Familiarize yourself with the benefits and also what you can expect and should be aware off to fully benefit from the app. 

Be sure to set your reminders for a time that works for you and also keeps you on track. 

Track and update your Settings as needed to add or continue with your Kegel Camp. 

Lastly, enjoy the benefits of an amazing workout you and your partner will benefit from. 

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Here’s what users of the Kegel Camp app are saying:

“After I gave birth, it hurt to walk and have sex. I felt incomplete and broken. I’m a few days into Level 4 and I have noticed a huge difference. I can walk without discomfort and I’m almost back to normal!”

– Annie, North Carolina

“I’ve used the app consistently for a couple of weeks and my orgasms are more powerful than ever before.”

– Reza, New York

“I just want to say thank you for developing this app. My boyfriend and both use it for Kegels regularly and I must say that our sex has never been better!”

-Alexandria, New Zealand