Looks vs. Love

Do looks really matter? If love is all we need, then why are we so consumed by physical appearances to justify our romances? As a species that encourages vanity and materialism, humans are often corrupted by the idea that happiness exists at face value: the better you look, the happier you are. But if true happiness and beauty lie within, it’s possible to appreciate the look of love without focusing on the ‘look’ itself. Stop scrutinizing and start fantasizing!…

More than just ‘dating yourself,’ being single means having to present yourself in an appetizing way for the men/women you hunger for. Obviously it’s important to comb your hair and put on pants before you leave the house, but it seems these days there is a huge emphasis on looking overly done-up at all times. Then again, I think we can safely agree we’d rather see finely-cultivated facial hair (as douchey as it is) over a perfectly visible-yet-hidden booger.

It’s true that humans’ infatuations with looks stems from media saturation and the ever-materialistic society we inhabit, but why are we so prone to involuntarily succumbing to the necessity of good looks when finding love? Where physical beauty is only skin deep — and they say the prettier you are the uglier your heart is — people need to become more focused with grooming their interior selves than their outside looks. I have single friends who complain all the time about being single, yet their standards are so high they refuse to date just about anyone that comes into their lives. I’m not saying these friends are ‘bad people’, but I’ve definitely noted that they might end up a little bit happier if they traded some of that vanity for a some gratitude and optimism. It’s not like their bitterness is getting them laid.

There is so much more to every human being than meets the eye and there’s no way of discovering this unless you look for yourself — beyond the looks. Although beauty is subjective to all of us — and believe me, we’re all entitled to our own opinions — why shouldn’t we try to appreciate other factors besides looks to turn us on? Sure a six-pack is nice, but they do say the brain is the largest organ! Now that’s sexy.

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