The Magic Wand: My Partner’s New Best Friend

magic wand blog sex with emily

magic wand blog sex with emilyBy the time my partner and I had settled into a sex routine, I had already forged a firm and profound bond with my Magic Wand.

No person had ever been able to deliver the type of orgasmic experience that my wand and I shared. It satisfied my sexual needs efficiently and effectively, and continues to everyday, no matter my relationship status.

This isn’t to say my boyfriend doesn’t get work done in the sack. He does. Quite well. And lucky for me, he not only satisfies me sexually, but also fulfills my mental, emotional, practical and recreational needs efficaciously. Just like my Magic Wand, his aptitude for pleasing me is unprecedented among partners past. (I seem to have hit the jackpot with this one.)

It only follows that I would want to merge these two positive influences in my life into one mind-blowing experience. So I decided maybe I would bring my Magic Wand into our bedroom activities. I must admit I was apprehensive. Would he be turned off? Intimidated? Threatened even? To my surprise and delight, his feelings were quite the contrary.

We’ve since been employing the Magic Wand very regularly in the bedroom and the results have been very favorable. So for the sake of research and documentation, I did that one thing that every partner LOVES…I asked him to talk to me about his feelings.


Here’s what he had to say:

How did you first hear about the Magic Wand?

The internet. You know…porn.


A lot of people get intimidated when their partners use sex toys in bed. Have you ever felt this way?

No. They’re toys. They’re not attached to a person. They can’t talk or kiss you. They don’t even really look like dicks or anything. Especially the Magic Wand. Sure it’s big and it vibrates, but like… no dick vibrates. And no dick is that big. So it’s not even like a comparison. It’s something totally different.


Do you like the Magic Wand?

Oh yeah.


Why do you like the Magic Wand?

It makes my job easier. Sometimes I would feel anxiety about whether or not I would be able to please you. Like…I’d get scared that you wouldn’t be able to have an orgasm. But with the Magic Wand I KNOW you will…every time. At least once. Oh, also, my favorite kind of porn was always the ones where the girls using toys on herself. There were a lot of times they used the Magic Wand. So now that you have one, it’s kind of like my fantasy coming to life, you know?


How do you think using the Magic Wand together has affected our sex life?

Positively. It makes it less stressful, easy to manage. I like that you like it. I like to watch your face when you use it.


How do you participate when I use the Magic Wand?

I can still touch you and kiss you and stuff while you use it. It’s minimal effort for me with maximum pleasure for you. Oh, and you know I keep it on my side of the bed so whenever I sense it’s a good time, I pull it out and give it to you. The fact that it’s my idea kinda like… makes it so I have control over the situation.


Would you ever consider using a vibrator on yourself?

Maybe someday.


Like I said…jackpot.


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